Refers to Java equals method, indicating whether some object is "equal to" this one.


Defines a generalized comparison method that a value type or class implements to create a type-specific comparison method for ordering instances.

Object testing greater


"Icomparable is for testing for greater than less than or equals to"

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IComparable vs Equals() confused on which one to use

"No - icomparable is for seeing if one object is greater than equals to or less than another"

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Is IComparable the best way to use to enforce unique keys in Dictionary?



Icomparable is an interface that defines that two instances of the implementing class can be seen as greater than less than or equals to one another

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IComparable and Equals()

In a class named icomparable declare a function compareto public function compareto byval other as object as long must return -1 0 or +1 if current object is less than equals to or greater than obj. must be empty here. end function now you can declare classes that implement this interface

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Why do some classes have an "I" in front of their name?

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