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In many dialects of SQL, the execute statement is used to invoke a stored procedure.


A prepared statement is used to execute the same SQL statement repeatedly with high efficiency.



My question is how can i execute more than 1 prepare statement

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BeginTransaction in PDO

Any execute statement becomes prepare sooner or later it need to be parsed optimized compiled and then execute

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Are there downsides to using prepared statements?

If my arrays are very big and the time taken to prepare them is larger than time to execute task the program serves my purpose as the threads execute task in a sequence as they are called

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How to create a sequence of threads to execute a task in the order they are started?

In some tests it even appears that prepare execute is slightly faster

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Should i Bind variables all the time?

Prepare execution is faster than direct execution for statements execute more than three or four times because the statement is compiled only once while statements execute directly are compiled each time they are execute

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What are prepared statements? How are they different from dynamic sql?

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