Extends is a keyword in several programming languages used to denote implementation inheritance


`implements` is a keyword in several programming languages used to denote implementation of an interface.

Runnable better thread

Quality Example

"I also know implements runable is better than extends thread"

from question "Why there are two way of using thread in java?"

Runnable more preferrable

"They say that implements runnable is more preferrable than extends thread"

from question "Implementing Runnable and using Thread's methods within your own class"

Runnable better

"I have read that implements runnable is better than extends thread but i have no idea of how"

from question "How To Convert extends Thread Class to Implement Runnable"

"Implements runnable is better because you can extends other classes"

from question "How to Multithread when already extending a class"

Better system

"I have not found a lot of times when implements an interface would be a better system than extends a superclass"

from question "When to implement an interface and when to extend a superclass?"

Better option

"Why is implements runnable a better option than extends from thread class"

from question "Implementing Runnable vs. extending Thread"

Note mouseadapter easier

Quality Example

"Second in order to add or update the value of listview in general extends arrayadapter is much easier than implements baseadapter because of arrayadapter support add remove insert method by itself"

from question "Update Listview item and get values using BaseAdapter Android"

Mouseadapter easier

"Note extends mouseadapter is easier since you only need to implements the methods you want to handle"

from question "How to avoid child-GUI-objects to take over mouse listener?"


Quality Example
Stronger relationship

"A possible reason is that extends represents a a stronger relationship than implements although both represent is a or is a type of relationships"

from question "When we are inheriting a class and interface then we have to write first extends and then implements but not viceversa?why"


"Are there some solutions available to extends asp.net identity better than implements a custom solution as suggested in the links"

from question "Integrate ASP.NET Identity with QR scan based login"


"Implements gives larger errors because i tried with extends"

from question "Type The type cannot be a superinterface of Do; a superinterface must be an interface"

Higher priority

"Which i think makes sense because extends from a class should take higher priority than implements from an interface"

from question "Super class method and Interface default method conflict resolution"


"Is implements the rawcomparator that much faster than extends writablecomparator"

from question "Is implementing the RawComparator really that much faster?"

More sense

"Extends makes more sense to me here than implements maybe it s a typo in the book"

from question "The LocationListener class doesn't have an onLocationChanged() method?"

Better position

"But if you d like to extends this api to be used by the external services then you ll be in a much better position with implements oauth 2.0 using doorkeeper because you can easily configure for example a authorization code grant for them"

from question "Advantages of using OAuth Password Credentials Grant over Token Access Authentication"

More succinctly

"More or less the same thing as the accepted answer can be implements more succinctly by extends the gridviewpager like this"

from question "Android Wear WearableListView in a GridViewPager"

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