The fadeIn() method gradually changes the opacity, for selected elements, from hidden to visible (fading effect).


Methods for hiding visual components, particularly with regard to HTML.

Fadeing better softer


"Note the show hide effect is much softer because of the commented fadein fadeout declarations that were triggering console errors probably because jsfiddle uses jquery slim now"

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"But for fadeing effect using fadein fadeout maybe looks better than show hide"

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Add fade in/out effect to logos in header when they switch from one to the other on scroll down



Jquery adds fadein hide and other effects to it s effect s queue;so it s calling .load instantly just after it sends the hide to the effect s queue and the hide isn t completed

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Why isnt my jquery working when I use external pages

He jquery fadein won t work because of the visibility;so for the latest bootstrap hide is no longer is use but the latest bootstrap hide s still in the min.css file

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How to hide element using Twitter Bootstrap and show it using jQuery?

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