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Only questions about programmatic use of the FFmpeg libraries, API, or tools are on topic


Libav (or libav*) is the collective name of the FFmpeg libraries: libavcodec, libavformat, libavfilter, libavutil, etc



Ffmpeg does not yet support hls version 4;as of 2013-07-29 commit c44191039944526dd7eb6e536990b555837961f5 libav ffmpeg have supported version 3 of the protocol

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Which version of FFMPEG supports HLS v4

Not to be confused ffmpeg is more recent and libav was used in some distributions of linux

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FFMPEG RTSP stream to MPEG4/H264 file using libx264

Ubuntu 12.04 ships with the ffmpeg fork libav in version 0.8 which is more compatible with ffmpeg 1.0+ or even later ffmpeg versions iirc

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Avcodec_open segmentation fault

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