In signal processing the complete or partial suppression of some aspect of the signal


Sorting is the process of applying some order to a collection of items.

Range query pseudomedian

Quality Example

"In terms of your speed query i d propose that your pseudomedian filtering is faster because it doesn t involve sorting"

from question "Median filter vs. pseudomedian filter in matlab"

"You d still have to filtering to get a range though it ought to be faster than sorting at least"

from question "Accessing the attribute of a python object depending on a second attibute of that object"

Slower just

"If almost all elements fail the filtering then it s considerably slower than just sorting everything since you ll end up selecting thousands of times"

from question "Limited Sort/Filter Algorithm"


Quality Example
More complicated

"Considering sorting is more complicated than summation median filtering will cost longer time"

from question "Why cv::cuda::createMedianFilter function is slower than cv::medianBlur?"


"But right now the sorting step is taking way longer than the filtering step so i would like to combine them in some way"

from question "Limited Sort/Filter Algorithm"

Less expensive

"Filtering is a lot less expensive than sorting"

from question "What causes a WPF ListCollectionView that uses custom sorting to re-sort its items?"

More important

"Sorting is more important to me than filtering so if i have to have both sorting and filtering target the same representation of the data i ll just give up on filtering working"

from question "SmartGWT ListGrid with DataSource, Filter on CellFormatter output"

More straightforward

"On the other hand you may want stable sorting in other contexts as well and so if you have the stable_sort function defined this approach would still be more straightforward than filtering out the numbers with each sign and recombining them"

from question "Separate negative and positive numbers in array with javascript"


"If your author field is selective and sorting is cheaper than filtering"

from question "Setting content to be viewable by friends only"

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