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Console first information

Quality Example

"In google-chrome it seems more or less ok but in firefox when i first tried it it should give me not logged in my console"

from question "Google+ login via Sign In button: Trouble with persisting session across different pages, and displaying Login/Logout buttons"


Quality Example
More strict

"Is this due to firefox being more strict than google-chrome"

from question "Some JS scripts loading in Chrome but not in Firefox"

Characters illegal picky

Quality Example

"Maybe google-chrome is more lenient when it comes to illegal characters in the url than firefox or something like that"

from question "JQuery.load() responds with error under Firefox, works fine under Chrome"

More picky

"Firefox is more picky about characters that are set in uris than google-chrome"

from question "Exporting javascript generated csv in Firefox only exports first line, works fine in chrome"

Extensions browsers tool

Quality Example
More power

"Firefox extensions have much more power than google-chrome and have wider access to browser s internal api"

from question "Server-side with Chrome Extensions"


"Safari and opera work with the google-chrome setting but firefox and ie display the iframed page larger than google-chrome causing part of the text to be cut off"

from question "Firefox and IE displaying iframed text at different size. What feature can I detect to increase the size of the iframe?"

"This is because in ie and firefox the footer link text is larger than in google-chrome and safari therefore the margins that i ve set up for the icons do not work"

from question "CSS problems in all browsers"

More limited

"Google-chrome extensions are considerably more limited than firefox extensions â â they can only hook the behavior of the browser in certain predefined ways"

from question "Chrome Middle Click Tab Extension"


"After looking into the issue with the inspection tools of both browsers it seems that firefox is making the #main_nav_bar ul 10px wider than google-chrome"

from question "Firefox styling discrepancy with nav bar"

Faster slower browser

Quality Example
Significantly faster

"On google-chrome it s significantly faster to do this using 1 0 but on firefox it s slightly faster to do this using bool"

from question "Boolean vs Int in Javascript"

Just faster

"Google-chrome is just faster than firefox which just faster than ie at bit-wise operations"

from question "Javascript arrays, sorting, and branch predition"


"Though from a design perspective it may be easier to simply add the extra 5px to the width designing for the worst case browser to prevent wrapping in google-chrome which is worse than extra space in firefox ie"

from question "Font renders bigger in Chrome? Breaks absolute positioning"

"Firefox gsap performance is still much worse than in google-chrome but google-chrome gsap does still lag every few repeats or so while in google-chrome the css animations do not"

from question "Greensock (GSAP) is much less smooth/more jerky compared to css animations in this simple example. Is there a way to improve it?"

Much slower

"Because of how google-chrome s plugin system works development mode in google-chrome is much slower than in firefox or safari see here for more details"

from question "GWT Memory Issue"

Filter slightly faster

"Tldr in firefox filter is slightly faster in google-chrome that s the opposite"

from question "Grep vs Filter in jQuery?"


"Why is firefox so much slower than google-chrome on my laptop"

from question "Why is WebGL render speed so inconsistent?"

"In google-chrome it seems .prototype is faster firefox shows no difference between the two although generally performs slower than google-chrome"

from question "Array.prototype vs [] perf"

"The reason google-chrome is slower than firefox is that the devmode plugin runs in a sandbox so calls and data have to cross the sandbox boundaries"

from question "GWT Development mode - recommended browser (and version) for Linux"

"Firefox is slower than google-chrome in javascript"

from question "Javascript Speed - Chrome v Firefox"

"Firefox is slower than google-chrome which boats one of the highest javascript engines a modified version of webkit"

from question "Why is Jquery slower in IE?"

"I have been working with linear parsers lately and noticed the performance in google-chrome v37 was much slower than in firefox v30"

from question "Slow property access"


"It s just a matter of preferences and browser implementation eg firefox works faster with brackets while google-chrome works faster with the dots"

from question "For .. in loop?"

"However if thats the case does this mean firefox is faster in execution than google-chrome"

from question "Browser/OS dependent event loop"

"The funny thing is that for abc_def property google-chrome is actually much faster than firefox and ie as i expected"

from question "Chrome performance: "standard" property names vs. non-standard"

"As google-chrome s v8 is dramatically faster than firefox s spidermonkey at the moment these things are constantly in flux pick the forward loop as it s faster on the slower engine"

from question "Javascript Optimization: Looping and handling different ways in different browsers"

"But i guess google-chrome i have version 10 should be much faster than firefox 3.6"

from question "Measure the time Firefox needs for rendering a page and evaluating JavaScript and CSS"

"Rendering without buffering on google-chrome is faster than firefox so i m actually not sure why google-chrome is having such a problem with drawimage"

from question "HTML5 drawImage slow on Chrome"

"The results varied from a browser to another firefox 4.0b12 is faster using but google-chrome webkit and opera is faster when using"

from question "What's faster when using jQuery to check visibility, $.data() or $.is(':visible')?"

"As you said google-chrome is faster than firefox so the webdriver is trying to interact with the dom before when elements are not yet visible exist"

from question "Switching from FireFoxDriver to ChromeDriver cause some element loading errors (Selenium)"

"I use google-chrome for development as i find it runs faster than firefox and ie so it is a bore to guess where the icons are"

from question "Missing icons in Glimpse"

S much longer

"I want to set my own time limit rather than use the browser s default i believe google-chrome s is much longer than firefox s"

from question "Can I put impose a time limit on JavaScript (e.g., using an iframe)?"


"I need to do the same condition but for less than google-chrome version 46 and for less than firefox version 44"

from question "Html5 conditional statements for old versions of chrome and firefox?"

Strict restrictions middle

Quality Example
Much more

"Apple s safari applies almost no cross domain restrictions to files opened locally but firefox is much more strict about what it permits with google-chrome somewhere in the middle"

from question "How Postman send requests? ajax, same origin policy"

Similar issue windows

Quality Example

"I m seeing a strange issue on windows in google-chrome the framerate is almost 2 times lower than in firefox on mac google-chrome and firefox have similar framerates"

from question "WebGL performance issue in Chrome"

Forgiving work extension

Quality Example

"On stable versions of google-chrome the permissions show allow and it still won t connect even with firefox works older versions of google-chrome work"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"

More forgiving

"I guess google-chrome is a bit more forgiving than firefox"

from question "IE, Firefox, Opera not calling complete function in ajax call"


"Google-chrome is more forgiving or you could call it less compliant firefox less so"

from question "Date parsing in different browsers"

"Google-chrome provides more detailed information about the ajax errors even when firefox doesn t say anything"

from question "Action returns empty string on ajax post"

More advanced

"Firefox has a more advanced plugin than the google-chrome extension but both work"

from question "Statements inside jQuery deferred functions fail silently"

Better time browser

Quality Example
Better javascript

"In my experience google-chrome has better javascript performance than firefox"

from question "Which has better and smooth API for DOM manipulation? Chrome or firefox?"


"Another alternative for javascript ajax is writing a google-chrome add-on easier than firefox or embeding a web browser within your application"

from question "Screen Scraping | Web Crawling"

Best less

"The performance in google-chrome is best less so in firefox and ie"

from question "Animating opacity of 1400 Raphael.js objects hurts animating performance"

Much better

"Ie8 is the same and firefox is much better but i ve migrated away to google-chrome now so would like to stick with the one browser if possible"

from question "How can I view large XML files in Chrome?"

"On my computer firefox performs much better than google-chrome on these tests using jsperf"

from question "Why does running performance tests in the console give different results"

Consistently better

"Also it does appear that firefox consistently handles this better than ie or google-chrome"

from question "Server Response Slowdown with php read_file MP3"


"Firefox handles this better than google-chrome does but neither exactly the way i want"

from question "In a contenteditable element, move the cursor between HTML tags"

"Google-chrome shows it better than firefox firebug"

from question "Is there a way to use browser cache for AngularJS JSON requests ($http/$resource)?"

"In firefox the render of new tiles and the panning is laggy this is not the case when using so it s not an issue of google-chrome being better than firefox"

from question "Panning the map by dragging it, is slow in Google Maps API v3 under Firefox"

"Firefox works a bit better than google-chrome but the settimeout just seems to delay the final result being shown rather than delaying each step"

from question "Can I move objects using JavaScript/jQuery in real time to create an animation?"

"Also why does firefox perform way better than google-chrome on this benchmark"

from question "Why is a string template faster when it is formatted a certain way?"

"Transparency is also an issue however google-chrome seems to handle all three better than firefox"

from question "How to make an applet not float in html"

"And additionally the algorithm that google-chrome uses is better than the one in firefox at least for handling the resizing of text"

from question "Google maps marker icons - loss in image quality when resizing"

"Google-chrome handles these better than compared to firefox"

from question "CSS Selectors performance issues"

"If you are able to enforce browser usage i find that google-chrome on android preserves line breaks when copying and pasting much better than firefox"

from question "Copying text from browser with line breaks in Android"

"Although firefox is a better browser for developers than google-chrome cause it gives you more tools to work with"

from question "Developer tool similar to Firefox's Style Editor for Chrome"

"Evidently firefox debugger firebug is better than google-chrome debugger"

from question "Tracker computation not working in production"

"The google-chrome apis are currently experimental hence these tools are likely to be better developed under firefox"

from question "Replace remote JavaScript file with a local debugging copy using Greasemonkey or userscript"

"Also ie and firefox seems to work better than google-chrome"

from question "R wordcloud2 letterCloud showing only the background"

"My knowledge of firefox is better than google-chrome so my apologies if i missed something"

from question "Where can I find official and up-to-date documentation for the WebRTC API?"

More-so pickier

Quality Example

"It looks like it shows for firefox more-so than google-chrome but it might help"

from question "Selenium start chrome hidden C#"

Ram memory

Quality Example

"Firefox allocates lots of memory during that preloading up to 20-30 times more than google-chrome or safari do and even twice as much as ie"

from question "How to force Firefox (Version 6) to free memory?"

Higher smaller bigger

Quality Example

"The issue that i encountered was that google-chrome was giving me height about 300px more than the firefox ie"

from question "Chrome: jQuery .height issue"


"Why height in google-chrome is bigger than firefox of input"

from question "Input height differences in Firefox and Chrome"

Higher however

"I just found out that if you re using google-chrome you trigger antialiasing at 49px or higher however with firefox it s set at 257px or higher"

from question "Triggering antialiasing for webfonts in chrome and firefox"


"Firefox text is 1px lower than in google-chrome and ie"

from question "Firefox text 1px lower than chrome and ie"

Reproducible more

"This does not seem to occur in safari or ie and a similar permission error occurs sometimes in firefox but is reproducible more often than not in google-chrome"

from question "Google+ Sign-In - Uncaught SecurityError"


"For my website i noticed that tooltip delay in firefox was much higher than in google-chrome"

from question "Show Firefox tab tooltips faster"

"I know different engines render fonts differently and but the issue i m having is that firefox renders the font higher than google-chrome - at the size i am displaying the font this is very noticeable 3 or 4 px - which on a button means they re totally misaligned"

from question "Creating a cross browser icon webfont"

More padding

"Firefox s default textbox includes more padding than ie google-chrome"

from question "How to apply max-width style for Firefox/IE/Chrome"


"Currently with the 10px top padding the cells in google-chrome look taller than in firefox"

from question "HTML5 Table cell padding - different in browsers"


"I have too problem with text in the firefox is bigger maybe bolder as in google-chrome ."

from question "Padding in menu bad browsers optimalization Chrome | Firefox"

Less width

"Firefox has like 40px less width than google-chrome in columns which is causing problems"

from question "Two column (both scrollable) layout messed up in different browsers"


"If i remove this code the width of green image in firefox becomes smaller but it s still bigger than necessary about 100px the google-chrome images keeps unchanged"

from question "How to make css width work in firefox"

"In google-chrome the font appears to be 1px smaller than firefox and ie and i cannot see why"

from question "Google Chrome, font size 1px smaller than other browsers"

"My question is similar the same page in my pc renders fine firefox google-chrome but the same one on a server rendered smaller by firefox google-chrome ok"

from question "HTML/Browser/CSS - Webpage Seems Larger On Server"

"If we remove the font-size it appears properly in google-chrome but shows up smaller in firefox"

from question "Font size is bigger while displaying in Chrome"


"Even if you give the inputs a attribute firefox renders them wider than google-chrome"

from question "Firefox renders Bootstrap 3 `.form-inline` and text inputs wider than Chrome"

Larger heights

"Suffice to say ie and google-chrome start having problems at larger heights than does firefox"

from question "I'm trying to put a fixed division at the top of the page but when I scroll with FF, lines are lost"


"I ve ran into out of memory errors on firefox with canvas heights greater than 8000 google-chrome seems to handle much higher at least to 32000"

from question "Maximum size of a <canvas> element"

Passwords smaller

"Google-chrome renders passwords smaller than firefox"

from question "Override default font-size of password inputs in Chrome to match Firefox"


"I am checking it in firefox and google-chrome and see that in google-chrome spacing between letter is larger than in firefox"

from question "Letter spacing in different browsers"

"I ve found that the font-size in firefox is a bit larger than in google-chrome"

from question "Font-size not displaying same size in Chrome and firefox"

Always higher

"The position of the list in firefox is always higher than that of google-chrome no matter how i padding or margin the list"

from question "How to handle the css display difference between Firefox and chrome"

Higher security

"Found that the issue stemmed from using the firefox webdriver which apparently has much higher security than its google-chrome counterpart"

from question "Sikuli api - "OK" click ignored during file upload"

Easier easy apk

Quality Example

"With firefox it was very easy i just grabbed the apk from their ftp server run the adb install command one would think it should be even easier with google-chrome but it s really not"

from question "Install Chrome for Android in Android emulator"

"I have been trying to do this in firefox webextensions but if it s easier with google-chrome i will try it that way instead."

from question "How to confirm that file download completed successfully with webextensions?"


Quality Example

"I ve been trying to sum up values over a swipe and see how different browsers report values and they vary a lot with safari reporting order of magnitude bigger numbers on almost all platforms google-chrome reporting quite more like 3 times more than firefox firefox being balanced on the long run but quite different among platforms on small movements on ubuntu gnome nearly only +3 or -3 seems like it sums up smaller events and then send a big +3"

from question "Normalizing mousewheel speed across browsers"

"Firefox can get away with more than google-chrome before aborting"

from question "Multiple synchronous XmlHttpRequests getting rejected/aborted"

"Firefox is more tolerant when it comes to image headers then ie and google-chrome"

from question "Image not displayed in ie and chrome"

More picky

"I had a hiccup in firefox but found a fix after figuring out firefox is a bit more picky than google-chrome when defining svg attributes"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"


"Most noticeably if you look or google-chrome firefox and then internet explorer 9 you ll notice that the terms and conditions are slightly higher than in google-chrome or firefox and thus slightly touching the main content area"

from question "Website layout "breaks apart" when zooming in or out in browsers + a few other basic css questions"

More files

"In google-chrome there is more files download 47 than in firefox ie 42"

from question "Website not working in Internet Explorer and Firefox"


"I m sticking with firefox debugging of my angular 2 app outside of vs code as its user experience is better than google-chrome especially when working with typescript files so i ll stick with that for now unless i can figure this out"

from question "Sporadic app loading issues with Debugger for Chrome in VS Code"

More time

"In firefox it takes some more time compared to google-chrome safari"

from question "Improve performance in jquery when change in drop down value"


"I inspected the range object in both google-chrome and firefox and then noticed that firefox s range object is far richer than google-chrome s"

from question "Selection ranges in webkit (Safari/Chrome)"

Less efficient

"So why is google-chrome less efficient than firefox and ie"

from question "How to load a script without blocking the whole page on Google Chrome?"


"When i posted this on facebook someone said that since firefox is open source project developers optimized math.min but google-chrome didn t since google-chrome is just a modification of chromium but beside that above statement is not quite right that makes no sense because that doesn t explain the reason why google-chrome s and firefox s math.min a b performs in similar speed and google-chrome s math.min a b and firefox s performs in same speed because if firefox is faster than google-chrome then google-chrome s math.min a b should be much slower than firefox s"

from question "Why Firefox and other browsers perform oppositely when calculating which number is bigger?"

Less noticeable

"Support exists in firefox and my test just confirmed thisâ but the handle is a little less noticeable than in google-chrome"

from question "Form Textarea Resize Icon/Handle is missing in IE/FF?"


"You can see if you look at the bottom and right hand edges of both google-chrome lines up perfectly but firefox seems further in both directions and i cannot work out why either in firebug or google-chrome dev tools"

from question "Cross browser inconsistencies with margins?"


"It works fine even for italics but i m aware that the user s browser is being asked to make a best-guess here and have noticed that google-chrome will make individual chars appear slightly fatter than firefox when i do things this way"

from question "Forcing browsers to display bold text when embedded font has normal font-weight"

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