Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source cross-platform web browser


Opera is a series of web browsers developed by Opera Software AS

Framerates faster worse

Quality Example

"For example i ve read that opera and ie will fix framerates slower than firefox"

from question "Animated *.gif framerate is too high"

Significantly faster

"It seems to be slower in google-chrome and firefox but is significantly faster in opera"

from question "How to convert decimal to hexadecimal in JavaScript"

Even worse

"The problem with this code is that it doesn t quite work on firefox and works even worse on opera"

from question "Dynamic width floated div with nested floated blocks"


Quality Example
Less such

"For example in the classic browser share example if the firefox is at 45 i want to be rendered inside the pie distance -40 may be and where the slice is less such as opera at 6 - i want it to be shown outside with a connector"

from question "Highcharts pie dynamic label inside and outside for each slice"


"Only firefox and opera seem to have this issue opera even worse than firefox but i don t care that much about opera"

from question "Change underline-color of child-elements in FF and Opera (works in IE, Safari and Chrome)"


"On your screenshot div width in opera is bigger than in firefox and google-chrome"

from question "Content overflow in display:inline-block; why and how?"

Just far more

"Firefox just provides far more access to its own internals and system to the extensions so its technically possible to do more with them than with opera widgets or google-chrome extensions"

from question "Comparison of tools offered by different browsers for web developers?"

Even fewer

"Firefox has even fewer as far as i know and opera has none"

from question "Select menu option border none"


"But if firebug donâ t enabled after launch firefox â time equal 2ms that faster than opera and google-chrome and difference between empty filled array disappears"

from question "Appealing to non-exists element of array, reduces the performance very much"


"In opera it goes little bit lower than in firefox"

from question "Button text position differs from browser"

Larger fonts

"Update under linux gentoo amd64 it s the same - opera reneders slightly larger fonts than firefox but nothing that looks odd"

from question "GWT default style IE font size"

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