Mozilla Firefox is a free, open-source cross-platform web browser


Safari is Apple's web browser, the default browser on macOS and iOS.

Paint scroll worse

Quality Example
Even worse

"I planned on using svgs for the entire site but with only 20-30 svg images of medium to high complexity used in the page and google-chrome already seems to be showing som jank and high paint times for scroll and firefox is even worse though safari seems to do a lot better"

from question "Are svg images harder to render for a browser than bitmaps?"


"Safari behaves better than firefox but an error message â œone error in opening the pageâ â shows up in the status bar if you remove the iframe during the load event"

from question "Never-ending "Connecting" message after AJAX form submit"


Quality Example

"That i gave to every link in the set of links home about us products contact and it seems that firefox is making that 1px margin much bigger than safari or google-chrome and distorting it"

from question "Margin Discrepancies between Firefox and Chrome/Safari"

Conversion better

"The service is still in beta trial and firefox conversion is working better than safari one"

from question "Is there a way to port a chrome extension to other browsers?"

More forgiving

"But i haven t yet figured out whether it s me writing sloppy code with firefox perhaps being more forgiving than safari or if it s safari or if it s jquery"

from question "JavaScript animation with Safari"

More strict

"It seems that google-chrome internet explorer or safari are more strict than firefox on terms of security"

from question "Configure Tomcat 8.0's SSL using XCA"

More accurate

"I just tested geolocation on firefox 3.6 and iphone safari os 3.1.3 the result is interesting firefox is more accurate than safari"

from question "Geolocation Firefox accurate than iPhone Safari?"

Less fuzzy

"Font looks sharp in google-chrome safari ie8 not as good as other 2 but less fuzzy than firefox"

from question "Using FontSquirrel @Font-Face Generator: font quite fuzzy in Firefox"


"On safari everything is slower than on firefox still the object property access is more than two times faster"

from question "Is checking an object for a key more efficient than searching an array for a string?"


"So to specify firefox greater than 20 safari greater than 9.1 and ie greater than 9"

from question "How do you specify multiple browsers in autoprefixer using browserlist"


"In ie and firefox fullscreen_block appears closer to the bottom than in safari and google-chrome"

from question "Margin and padding problems in IE and Firefox"

Just better

"Firefox is just better for web development and i prefer safari overall"

from question "How to suppress javascript errors for sites I'm not developing?"

More problems

"Please especially test on safari because it has some more problems than firefox and google-chrome"

from question "A way to have table-rows with height 0 and overflow hidden?"


"In safari we found that the dom level 0 took twice the time off the dom level 2 but was still four times faster than either firefox case"

from question "Jquery unbinding events speed increases"

"Google-chrome or safari on a mac could be much faster than firefox on a pc especially with newer apis"

from question "Local Storage vs Cookies"


"I saw that the discrepancy was because in safari the text element is taller than in firefox and includes a slight amount of whitespace on top that doesn t show up in firefox in firefox the top of the text element is exactly when the text starts"

from question "Webkit vs firefox height of text"


"In safari it is several pixels higher up than in firefox and google-chrome and significantly lower in opera"

from question "Positioning Across Different Browsers"

Less strict

"It seems that ie and firefox are less strict than safari"

from question "Safari not accepting Cookies while FF and IE does"

More anti-alisaing

"In particular a font may be rendered quite differently between the various browsers and operating systems in current use - safari and macos use more anti-alisaing than firefox or ie but ie9 has a new feature called cleartype which also affects font rendering"

from question "From PSD to HTML/CSS"

Smaller then

"Small in firefox is smaller then small in safari so never ever use them"

from question "Is sizing fonts using "em" still relevant?"

Significantly brighter

"In safari it renders significantly brighter than in firefox or google-chrome"

from question "CSS Color Rendering in Safari"


"It works great in google-chrome and safari haven t tested ie but i m sure it s somehow worse than firefox"

from question "Firefox breaking page; not displaying images or CSS styles"


"To me it looks like safari gets it more right than firefox text is generally more around a middle line"

from question "WebKit vs Mozilla vertical alignment of font glyphs in box"

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