The `fork()` function is the Unix/Linux/POSIX way of creating a new process by duplicating the calling process.


Pthreads (POSIX Threads) is a standardised C-based API for creating and manipulating threads

Processes clone better

Quality Example

"There is a nice comparison of threads and processes here when is clone and fork better than pthreads"

from question "How to create a two process in c for linux operating system?"

"But when is fork and clone better than pthreads"

from question "When is clone() and fork better than pthreads?"


Quality Example
More extensive independence

"The features stemming from those discussions permit less extreme fork than processes which is symmetrically like the provision of more extensive independence between pthreads"

from question "Why does process creation using `clone` result in an out-of-memory failure?"

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