A PHP class which allows developers to generate PDF files with pure PHP instead of the PDFlib library.


TCPDF is a PHP class created by Nicola Asuni for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions

Past look better

Quality Example

"I ve used tcpdf in the past and found it a lot better than fpdf"

from question "HTML&CSS To PDF utility"

Far better

"I suggest you to give a look to tcpdf which is far better than fpdf also because it is actively developed"

from question "Create a pdf A4 size from using PHP script"


Quality Example

"Tcpdf was always slower than fpdf"

from question "Best PHP to PDF library for mailing labels/price tags/custom page sizes"

"If anyone has some information on this problem i d really appreciate it - either things you did to make tcpdf faster or just confirmation that it runs slower than fpdf so i can forget about it and just stick with fpdf"

from question "TCPDF twice as slow as FPDF with same code"

Much better

"Somewhat good news you could move to tcpdf which is much better at handling utf8 and is more modern in general than fpdf"

from question "I would like to display the HINDI language in FPDF by PHP"

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