An open source browser engine developed by Mozilla and used in browsers such as Firefox, Seamonkey and others


WebKit is an open-source Web content engine for browsers and other applications, such as Apple Safari, Mail, App Store and several mobile browsers including the pre-installed browsers for Android, iOS, RIM Blackberry, Symbian, and WebOS.


Quality Example

"Anyway i just prefer not to use it because gecko is slower then webkit"

from question "HTML Editor with Java and And webkit - SWT Browser"


"I m developing with canvas too and have found that webkit based browsers in general handle canvas operations quicker than gecko in most cases"

from question "Why does FPS go down if canvas is larger than 255x220?"


"My understanding is webkit is pretty good smaller than gecko"

from question "What is the best HTML Rendering Engine to embed in an application?"


"Somehow webkit seems to do better than gecko on the html5 single-page spec scripts and i can t figure out why at this point"

from question "Rendering Optimization and Sibling Selectors"


"Gecko seems to like anti-aliasing more than webkit"

from question "Jagged canvas rendering in Chrome"

Probably better

"So the easiest way is to use one either webkit or gecko webkit has probably better support for svg these days plus i can t find package of gecko right now"

from question "How to display interactive SVG in a window on Linux?"


"Webkit is stricter than gecko"

from question "How come that Chrome doesn't render certain sites"


"It s called web audio api and is currently a draft but is well supported by webkit you ll need to use prefixes and a little less by gecko"

from question "Is it possible to capture audio and store it in array?"

Less memory

"Gecko is often considered to consume less memory than webkit but this depends a lot on how the browser is implemented"

from question "Making lightweight web browser - Gecko vs Webkit vs ???; Qt4 vs Qt5 vs?"

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