GET is one of many request methods supported by the HTTP protocol


POST is one of the HTTP protocol methods; it is used when the client needs to send data to the server, such as when uploading a file, or submitting a completed form

Second easier thats

Quality Example

"From a hacker s point of view a get forgery is much easier than post forgery at the first you only post a link at the second you need to point to a malware website with hidden iframe and autosubmit forms but both of them fail if tokens are checked"

from question "XSRF protection GET .net mvc"

"In my opinion the second way to achieve this is better because using get is not thats ecure in my s easier than using post"

from question "Protect http request using json (android)"

Safer misleading indirect

Quality Example

"Regarding your question about safety -- the answer is post is absolutely no safer than get"

from question "Fetch POST via form action attribute"

Api instagram tumblr

Quality Example

"However it isn t clear how much the value can be for the standard tumblr api you can t get more than 50 post at a time"

from question "Change Number of Posts From"

"How to get more than 20 post from instagram using their api"

from question "How to get more than 20 posts from instagram using their API?. I had used count property also. Eventhough, API is returning 20 posts only"

User easier sandbox

Quality Example

"You can t get more than 20 post if you are a sandbox user"

from question "Displaying more than 20 photos in instagram API"

"First of all if your instagram client is in sandbox mode then you can t get more than 20 post more clearly last 20 post"

from question "Instagram get all the media via API -"

"Note that i am assuming a user can get invited to more than one post which seems logical"

from question "Core data: NSFetchedResultsController with objects are in a relationship"


"Get would obviously allow for a user to change the value a lot easier than post so suitable checks for existance and ownership of the record would be important"

from question "GET or POST for record to be updated"


"Post has a higher overhead marginally if we re honest but it all adds up but it doesn t become part of the url so can t be seen by say a casual observer over the user s shoulder - whereas get can"

from question "Which method is better to use for a login form doget() or dopost()"

Much easier

"Using get is much easier than using post for most of developers"

from question "Is it true that POST can be used instead of GET in all scenarios?"

Queries appropriate appropiate

Quality Example
More appropriate

"Get is more appropriate than post for queries because of its safe semantics"

from question "Any way to compose Solr queries as POSTs in XML,JSON?"


"On that base a get is more appropriate then a post"

from question "PHP search script confusion"

"Get is more appropiate for idempotent queries while post is more appropiate for action queries but you can shoot yourself in the foot just as easily with any of them if you don t understand the security architecture for the application you re maintaining"

from question "Is either GET or POST more secure than the other?"

Better faster method

Quality Example
More preferred

"Is this why post method is more preferred than get or does it really matter in any case if it internally uses post or get"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"


"Get is simpler and faster than post and can be used in most cases"

from question "When to use POST method when using AJAX explanation"

"I used get because is faster than post if you need it just to get a list of element for suggestions"

from question "Page refreshes whenever I click on the text area, doesn't allow me to fill in any text"

More specific

"I ll get better with formatting and being more specific with the post"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"


"Using post over https is better than using get and http"

from question "Confused on the basics of AJAX"

"Get is a better method in this case than post"

from question "Rest API Status code"

"When get is better than post"

from question "Obeying the POST to modify data"

"In this case post may be better than get anyways"

from question "Quick Jquery .load chat not working"

"Post is not better than get"

from question "PHP from POST method like GET"


"A get is a bit quicker and than a post in an ajax scenario"

from question "Ajax-Enabled WCF Service - implementing Observer Design Pattern"

Method faster

"I have seen other people asking the same question why get method is faster than post"

from question "Why is do_GET much faster than do_POST"

"It is said that get method is faster than post but i don t know why is it"

from question "Why is the GET method faster than POST in HTTP?"

Request better requests

Quality Example
Smaller limits

"Get requests have smaller limits than post in the specs"

from question "How to pass a ObservableArray to MVC controller ? Without Ajax"

More safety

"A post request would not provide any more safety than a get request any half-decent web debugging tool can forge post requests"

from question "Passing values through URL or POST variable instead?"


"This response thus assumes that a request using the post verb would not use the uri to transfer sensitive information or it would be no better than get"

from question "Proper REST verb for checking if sensitive data input is valid?"

"I was taught from him that using get requests was better than post but after reading up i would like to switch to post my only problems is i am a little unsure how to modify my code to switch over from get"

from question "Changing from GET to POST"

"I am aware that a post is better for this kind of thing but my question is is this expected from a get request"

from question "Does an iOS http 'get' have a URL length limit"


"Post request is a little safer than get because the parameters are not stored in browser history or in web server logs"

from question "How to safely pass an email address through a query string using javascript/php?"

Blog token level

Quality Example

"This blog post is more detailed but unfortunately does also not mention where to get the product key"

from question "Developer license required for sideloading metro app?"

More details

"These steps were taken from this blog post which contains more details about how to investigate and what output you ll get"

from question "Nginx can't access a uWSGI unix socket on CentOS 7"

Secure data request

Quality Example

"If you use post when get is more semantically correct it is less communicative of the intent of your request since post usually means you are sending a payload"

from question "Which verb should be used for custom actions?"

"Why everybody here is saying post is more secure than get when used over https"

from question "Ajax login using httpRequest?"

Less insecure

"Get requests are no less insecure than post requests"

from question "Should api calls be GET or POST"

More suitable

"Actually if you would like to retrieve specific task with all its details get request would be more suitable than post"

from question "Rectangular POST"


"But i believe sending data using curl with post method is better than get method"

from question "How to get variable value from cURL"

Much more

"This means the amount of data you could pass by using post verb is much more than by using a query string and a get method"

from question "URL length limit for google reader api"

Here more

"Following my comment on your original post here s some more information that will help you get through this"

from question "How to make a GUI out of a already done code in C++"

More secure

"Please always try to use post method for submitting data as it is more secure than get method"

from question "Variable pass page"

"Also note that using post is absolutely not more secure than get because the request parameters aren t immediately visible in url"

from question "How to navigate in JSF? How to make URL reflect current page (and not previous one)"

"On an unencrypted connection post is no more secure than get"

from question "Implement secure login in Codeigniter test with Wireshark"

"Hence post is more secure than get"

from question "JQuery Ajax Post.settings vs Get.settings"

"You can feel like post is more secure than get all you want but it s a false premise"

from question "Is it good to use POST for each HTTP verb in REST API for security reasons?"

"Firstly post can seem more secure than get"

from question "Passing data from html to php without asking user to fill a form"

"As powelljf3 said post is more secure then get though it can still be gotten to"

from question "How to send parameters via the URL to PHP from Flex HttpService"

"Using the post method isn t necessarily more secure than get"

from question "PHP from POST method like GET"

"Although post is more secure as compared to get when ssl is present"

from question "Best way to pass a password via GET or POST"

"Using post data is more secure than get because with get the details would be in the query string portion of the url"

from question "Secure session management without cookies"

"Post isn t more secure than get"

from question "Curl gives 403 error?"

"I am asked to apply to all the actions of one mvc project for security reason says post is more secure than get which i disagree with"

from question "Is it possible to restrict all MVC actions to HttpPost only?"

"Post is more secure than get this is just a quick example"

from question "How do I send data from one php file to another?"

"Post is absolutely not more secure than get as to man in middle attacks"

from question "Loading javascript asynchronously from /WEB-INF/ using a servlet: general concern"

Request relatively harder

"For example post request are considered more secure than get request as creating a post request is relatively harder than creating a get request"

from question "Form POST in iframe without affecting history"

Also more

"Post is also more secure than get because you aren t sticking information into a url"

from question "How to submit a form without having the values shown in the URL?"

"Post is also more secure than get because you aren t sticking"

from question "HTTP GET or POST mobile app environment"


"A get request will be slightly smaller than a post although using websockets would give a more accurate figure"

from question "Compare client device clock with server clock exactly upto milliseconds"

Less secure

"However in the comparative table i linked get is listed as less secure than post"

from question "How secure are POST values?"

"I wouldn t call post more or less secure than get"

from question "What is the difference between a HTTP-Get and HTTP-POST and why is HTTP-POST weaker in terms of security"

More help

"To get more help with that post information about your table structures and content"

from question "Remove empty fields in a listbox"

Request less efficient

"However a post request is less efficient as a get request - bear that in mind and only use post if you really need to"

from question "What's the best way to post 30 variables from client side to server?"

Harder simple

"Although putting data with post method little harder than simple get"

from question "IOS app login through API not working (Swift 3)"


"First off get is no less secure than post"

from question "PHP, MySQL: How to retain and retrieve correct data when dealing with pagination"

Request more different

"Here i don t like that the body of the post request contains more different fields then the body returned from the get request - but maybe this is not a problem"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"


"Post requests can be much larger than get requests as get requests are limited by the maximum length of a url"

from question "Pass back values to form to populate it? (lots of values)"

Slightly less

"After that is done you can go into security details where get is slightly less secure than post - see the comments for details."

from question "How do i make $_GET more secure.?"

Body encapsulation character

Quality Example
More performant

"Get is more performant as it is idempotent and does not contain a message body where as post does"

from question "Use GET rather than POST for ajax call"

Higher limit good

Quality Example

"Generally when passing lots of data to the server to be processed or stored using post is a good idea since get has a lower limit than that of post"

from question "Obeying the POST to modify data"

Category categories ones

Quality Example

"I get somehow category repeated if it has more than 1 post eg"

from question "Displaying categories without repeating each that has posts"

Requests lightweight high

Quality Example
More lightweight

"More over it seems that get requests are more lightweight than post under high load"

from question "Is it OK to just use POST method and JSON format for a REST-like API in Scala/Play"

More compact

"Is post more compact than get since get requests have to be url-encoded"

from question "What is more compact, GET or POST?"


Quality Example
More complex

"Post is a little more complex than get though"

from question "Sending a canvas.toDataUrl() to php via AJAX"


"I have been trying get data out of new reddit post but theres limitation where you cant get data from more than 100 post"

from question "Grab data from than 100 reddit posts php"

"Maybe i would mostly always choose post over get it s more tidy and refreshing and going back issues with post method are a thing from the past in any major browser they just ask you if you want to resend the data don t they"

from question "POST vs GET method for a search form in CMS"

"The post at has more information on how to get that access token"

from question "Get User Info from Google Api Using Azure Mobile Services for Xamarin Android"

"So it is considerably less then what facebook states in their documentation at least looking by the date however by count it seems you get more than 50 post"

from question "Facebook user info : Number of other people's posts liked in the past 90 days"

"I need a query to get results from stackexchange dataset in such a way that it returns me 100 top reputation users with not more than 3 post body of post for each user"

from question "Selecting 3 posts bodies of top reputation Users on Stackexchange-SQL"

"I m able to query my database below to get the result that i want but i don t want to have to iterate through all of the author objects just the ones that have more than one post"

from question "Django Many to Many Query Set Filter"

"I normally use something like this tag.object.annotate num_post count post .filter num_post__gt 2 to get tags with more than 2 post"

from question "Django annotate according to foreign field's attribute"

"When taking input we can use either get or post.the input is shown in the url when using get but not when post is there a situation where get is more useful than post"

from question "In what cases do we use the GET method?"

"Not able to get more than 100 post in single rest api call for the linkedin company updates"

from question "How to get the total number of comments on a linkedin company?"

"You can t get a patent any more because with this post i will claim prior art -"

from question "Is there a crash reporting service that supports mixed C++ and C# applications?"

"However there s one thing we haven t considered yet - what if you never get more than 5 post"

from question "How can i get sum of queryset lists and make jsonresponse?"


"I m trying to get deeper with post and pre incrementors but am a bit stuck with the following expression"

from question "Incrementor logic"


"If you are curious though rather than just trusting a book or a blog post it is better to make a simple example and take it apart - you get it straight from the horse s mouth and you learn a whole lot more"

from question "Are C++ floating point constants always stored in static memory?"

More letter

"Post has one more letter in it than get so it s less compact"

from question "What is more compact, GET or POST?"

Much more

"I m sure there s a work around to use get for emails but the alternative post is much more easier and doesn t require any hacks to get around"

from question "IE not passing @ symbol for email input on GET form"

More secure

"There appears to be a common mis-conception that post is more secure than get simply because it seems more obvious how to get a browser to manipulate the post variable"

from question "How to I post a value through the XMLHTTPRequest Object?"

More users

"Here s the solution for post variables as well which is probably trickier for more users than the get solution"

from question "Dot in variable name"

More clarification

"Hope you get the more clarification by this post"

from question "Why does my Rails 5 application print twice each record?"


"I have simplified the app so the post is shorter but the basic problem is that if i get test in workouthandler - it cannot recognize methods in wardenstrategies or loginhelper unless i also include those files in the handler they are already included in app.rb"

from question "Sinatra: modular routes class not recognizing helper methods"


"The pinoyyd post is neater and get straight to the point how do i authorise a background web app without user intervention"

from question "Google Drive API - OAuth2.0: How to Automate Authentication Process? Doubts and Questions"

Faster type

"Is type get faster than type post cause i am curious how both work"

from question "Type Get of ajax or Type Post ajax"


"Also you can determine if someone is submitting a form or getting the form by checking if _server request_method post which is cleaner than using a get url parameter though i guess there s nothing wrong with the other approach..."

from question "Php - compare password with root password"

Larger more

"For example on the blog page of my current project i have two widgets in the sidebar one for latest tweets and one for latest music news however as you can see on this page the content of the blog post all test posts... are much longer than the height of the two widgets and would of course get larger as more post are added"

from question "Wordpress: Show extra sidebar widgets based on size of adjoining content?"


"The usual wait time of the post is not too long not too larger than get so i don t think that should be an issue and post always gets back with a 200"

from question "Undesired retries on HTTP client over Python"

Slightly less

"The only scenario in which post is slightly less susceptible is that many websites that arenâ t under the attackerâ s control say a third-party forum allow embedding arbitrary images allowing the attacker to inject an arbitrary get request but prevent all ways of injecting an arbitary post request whether automatic or manual"

from question "Is either GET or POST more secure than the other?"

More recent

"If a post has a more recent reply i want to get the replies created_on value but also get the post post_id and subject"

from question "Getting the most recent post based on date"

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