GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is an image file format associated with ".gif" file extension


PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is an image file format designed to store raster graphics

Bigger alos cant

Quality Example
Format better

"According to wikipedia the png format provides better compression than gif"

from question "Why is the GIF format not the most compact format for natural images?"

Format substantially less capable

"The gif format is substantially less capable than png"

from question "How can I convert PNG to GIF keeping the transparency?"

Definitely better

"While png is definitely better that gif occasionally there is a use case for needing to stay in gif format"

from question "Resize transparent images using C#"


"Png is a newer format and often better than either jpeg of gif - especially for screenshots"

from question "What image type should I use when? GIF, JPG or PNG?"

Not bigger

"Also if i change all to png is not bigger and alos i am using prawn pdf outputting these images so cant use gif"

from question "Only convert images of a certain file type with paperclip styles"

Slightly better

"There might be some edge cases where gif is slightly better because the png format may have a slightly larger overhead from metadata but it s really not worth the worry"

from question "Which format for small website images? GIF or PNG?"

Better competition

"Png images are always compressed lossless but their compression algorithm works better than competition gif"

from question "How to optimize image in java for performance"


"Png gives you better alpha result than gif"

from question "JavaScript to control image animation?"

"Png compresses much better than gif and allows more colors at the same time"

from question "Bash Batch Resize Images File Size Problem"

"Many people don t know about 8-bit png which is usually better than gif in size."

from question "Type Image formats"

"Animated png is better than gif if we re focused on file size รข achieving a smaller file size was one of the reasons the apng format was designed"

from question "APNG vs GIF. Which is Better?"

Better support

"For example png has better support for transparency than gif or jpeg"

from question "Should i convert uploaded photos into one format or keep their original format"

Regard smaller pixels

Quality Example
Smaller palette

"One thing to note is that gif supports a smaller palette than png - only up to 256 colors"

from question "Reduce any image size"

Wider dimension

"Wewtaco i noticed that your png file has wider dimension than the gif file and i am guess that could be a reason the black bars are showing up"

from question "Black bars on transparency in gif when displaying in Java?"


"I m not sure if this matters but the gif is significantly larger than the png files"

from question "Animated GIF in Splashscreen"

"It will always be a web format which basically comes down to jpg png and gif with gif being very unlikely because of its limitations gif can contain 256 colors at most and is generally larger than png"

from question "FB Profile Pic always returned as ".jpg"?"

"Jpg and png work well for most applications but the files will be larger than gif for very simple graphics"

from question "What image type should I use when? GIF, JPG or PNG?"

Generally smaller

"But in that regard it is replaced by png which is generally smaller supports alpha transparency where gif pixels are either fully transparent or fully opaque and most importantly gif images are limited to 256 colors"

from question "HTML/CSS/JS Show gif on hover, what exactly is a gif?"


"I used gif because its file size 2.1kb was considerably less than png or jpeg in this case"

from question "Fill div with cropped image, preserve aspect ratio"

Better compression

"You can then use imagecopy to insert each gif image including the background and imagepng to generate png output which is better for line art than jpeg offers better compression than gif and can support more than 256 colors"

from question "Using image create function"

Larger equivalent

"If your png files are coming out larger than equivalent gif files it is almost certainly because your source image has more than 256 colors"

from question "Which format for small website images? GIF or PNG?"

File smaller oh

"It might help to reduce your gif file sizes smaller oh and i believe -depth 8 can only be used for png images"

from question "How can I compress the size of gif images with ImageMagick?"

Wider color

"Png has a wider color pallete than gif and gif is properitary while png is not"

from question "What are the different usecases of PNG vs. GIF vs. JPEG vs. SVG?"

Often smaller

"Icon size indexed png is often smaller than the same gif"

from question "Javascript proof-of-concept of GIF (re)compression"

Shim smaller

"A 8-bit png shim is smaller than the same dimension 1 pixel gif and everything will still work as planned"

from question "IE8 - navigation links not working"


"If png isn t smaller than gif then your software may be saving it poorly - look for png optimisation progams like pngout and pngnq"

from question "What image type should I use when? GIF, JPG or PNG?"

"Just press save and give it a name and that photoshop image will be saved into a transparent background png file which presents more colors and it s smaller than a gif file and is as good as a jpg"

from question "Is it possible to have a transparent photoshop image render in CSS?"

"Indexed png less than 256 colors is actually always smaller than gif so i use that most of the time"

from question "Which format for small website images? GIF or PNG?"

"Since that appears to generate index-color gif files which are smaller than the png files that doxygen generates"

from question "How do make doxygen generate index-color PNG files"

"But keep in mind that the gif color palette is way smaller than png"

from question "Convert .png image to .gif image"

"Convert it to png 10-30 smaller than gif on average"

from question "What to do with a big image that's slowing website loading down significantly"

"Gif is smaller because it s based on an colour palette of 256 colours rather than the separate rgb values for each pixel or group of pixels in jpg and png"

from question "Why '.png' files produced by ImageMagick are so much bigger than '.jpg' & '.gif' files?"


Quality Example
Better compression

"Png achieves better compression than gif because it applies a pre-filtering step before the lossless compression deflate roughly equivalent to lzw. see wikipedia s explanation of png filtering"

from question "Why is the GIF format not the most compact format for natural images?"


"Paul points out that png compresses static line art better than gif for nearly every situation"

from question "Ruthlessly compressing large images for the web"

"As a general rule png is never worse and often better than gif because of superior compression"

from question "Which format for small website images? GIF or PNG?"

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