GlassFish is the reference Java EE application server.


JBoss Application Server (JBoss AS) is a free software/open-source Java EE-based, Cross-platform Application Server.

J2ee server afaik

Quality Example
Much more

"Afaik jboss is much more adopted in production deployments than glassfish but this doesn t necessarily mean it s better"

from question "Who is the best application server: JBoss or Glassfish?"

Better j2ee

"I think glassfish is a better j2ee app server to start with than jboss"

from question "Which webserver to use, for Oracle apps"


Quality Example

"Well glassfish is more right than jboss and weblogic business-bean-classes should all have their own ejb-local-interface"

from question "@Local interface with many realisation"

"In my opinion glassfish is more user friendly than jboss so i decided use glassfish for my project"

from question "GlassFish to Jboss migration"

"Glassfish v3 vs jboss 7.0 in using in production environment i know more people use jboss the application server but glassfish has more features and stability over jboss"

from question "Glassfish AppServer or JBoss AppServer which is better for Production Environment?"

Better product

"Even if jboss is the better product in my next project i will shift to glassfish because of the better documentation"

from question "Comparison of JBoss AS 7.x and Glassfish 3.x?"

More popular

"But in my location jboss is more popular than glassfish so i have a idea"

from question "GlassFish to Jboss migration"

Larger community

"Jboss has a larger community than glassfish"

from question "Which server should I choose when developing web application with NetBeans?"

Implementation smaller

"As for me jboss implementation is smaller than the whole glassfish so i m using"

from question "Testing against Java EE 6 API"

However better

"Glassfish however performs better than jboss and has a very slick gui-based admin console whereas jboss can only be administrated with a command line"

from question "Which server should I choose when developing web application with NetBeans?"

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