GLFW is a free, Open Source, multi-platform library for opening a window, creating an OpenGL context and managing input


The [Open]GL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) is a utility library for OpenGL applications to put the platform-dependent details (e.g

Posters opengl menus


"Edit explained as i m guessing you are somehow forced to use glut but i agree with other posters glfw is a better option if you can choose"

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Usage of glutMainloop() and the other functions in OpenGL

"Or if you re really focused on only doing opengl i may suggest using glfw which is the better glut but you ll have to draw the menus yourself using opengl"

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How to make a menu pop up after mouse release



You could stop using glut;glfw gives you better control over the loop so that it s easier to do other processing

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Excuting the rest of my programme around glutMainLoop?

I would recomend moving away from glut and freeglut;glfw is much more modern and easier to understand

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Compile and Debug GLUT under Visual Studio

Between these glfw is much closer to glut in character -- a small toolkit for abstracting away most of the os-dependent parts so you can produce opengl programs with relatively little hassle

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How to start developing with OpenGL and C++, what tools do I need to install on windows

Also much of your requirements is already handled by the various opengl utilities - namely glut and glfw;if you intend to stick with opengl both will do the job glfw is more advanced and provides more control

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How to structure an application framework

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