Safari is Apple's web browser, the default browser on macOS and iOS.

Version webkit current

Quality Example
Newer version

"It s not even a webkit issue unless google-chrome s got a newer version than safari"

from question "CSS3 Transitions Not Working On Specific HREF"

Older version

"It also gets broken even more in ios google-chrome which is an older version of safari"

from question "IOS Safari Is Breaking a Centered Nested Div Randomly -- Is This a Webkit Issue?"

Also earlier

"Google-chrome also uses an earlier version of webkit than the current safari so pages should be checked in both browsers"

from question "Does Google Chrome display pages the same as Safari?"

Still older version

"Safari still uses the older version while google-chrome uses a more current one"

from question "Is Web Audio API source.start(0) supported on Safari (it works just fine on Chrome)?"

Slower ipad pc

Quality Example

"My ipad 1 safari js benchmarked 38 times slower than google-chrome on my pc"

from question "JQuery delegate click function speed + crash issue in iPad"

"If i try to do a google search for website loading slower in google-chrome than in safari i get a lot of results about how safari is slower than google-chrome"

from question "What would cause Chrome on iPhone load slower/not at all compared with Safari on the same device?"

Slower mobile

"The one used by google-chrome and is slower than mobile safari s nitro javascript engine"

from question "What's the name of the JavaScript engine used by iOS's UIWebView?"

Better huge numbers

Quality Example

"I guess firefox and safari handle huge numbers of elements better than google-chrome"

from question "Recalculate style event in Chrome taking approximately 2 seconds"

"I think safari renders the moves better than google-chrome"

from question "Adding a CSS3 movement animation to HTML5 Video"

"Safari comes in at just under 41ms performing better than google-chrome but still not great"

from question "SetInterval timing slowly drifts away from staying accurate"

Api site error

Quality Example

"This seems to me like a bandwidth error or something like that originally i ve got the error when i played with the html 5 audio api and if i loaded the audio file 10-15 times sequentially then i ve got the error but now i ve discovered that i get the error without the audio api too just by reloading the site a lots of times also safari gives me the error much faster than google-chrome wtf"

from question "Node.js : EBADF, Bad file descriptor"

Better job

"Google-chrome also is susceptible to this same issue although it does a significantly better job than safari at getting the realtime api re-connected"

from question "Realtime API Client Reconnection Failure"

Smaller makes child

Quality Example

"Safari makes child block s height larger than google-chrome"

from question "Safari / Chrome flex-parent 100% height + padding and 100% height child"


"Safari will display fonts without a specified size significantly smaller than in google-chrome"

from question "Is there a need to test webpages in both Safari and Chrome?"

"Safari 5.1.10 6534.59.10 middle handles a smaller viewport but in sort order with a smaller viewport computes new image sizes even smaller than google-chrome"

from question "Browser computing image sizes inconsistent using Foundation"


Quality Example

"Total width of button in safari web inspector 6px larger than in google-chrome web inspector"

from question "How to remove 3px left & right extra space on buttons in Safari 5?"

Diff2 faster

"Conclusion diff1 is faster in firefox opera and safari diff2 is faster in ie and google-chrome"

from question "Algorithm to get changes between two arrays"


"In safari the background of my menu navigation drop-down menu s is much wider than in google-chrome firefox"

from question "Difference of div width in Safari"


"Safari 5.1 still renders smoother than google-chrome but it is now clear that google has done much improvement"

from question "CSS3 Transitions on Chrome and Firefox perform poorly in Optimus or Intel IGP configurations. How to fix?"

Less noticeable

"The safari controller bar is the quicktime bar which is smaller and dark so the movement is less noticeable than google-chrome which has a big blue progress bar"

from question "Adding a CSS3 movement animation to HTML5 Video"

More secure

"Safari is more secure than ie or google-chrome"

from question "Web service not working on safari"

Way more consistently

"The browser does not matter though safari gets way more consistently working results than google-chrome"

from question "Fb like box intermittently does not load, tried everything"


"I read somewhere that safari has more stringent requirements on cross domain scripting - it and google-chrome share the same code base"

from question "Chrome-only cross-domain scripting errs in Facebook iFrame App upon FB.Login(..)"

"So if something works on safari it s more likely to work straightaway on google-chrome more than it is on firefox - but that s just a family resemblance at the end of the day you ll still have to test each as every webkit browser product and version still uses a different version of webkit"

from question "What is does mean of webkit? what it makes chrome webkit browsers"

"Google-chrome has more of the market than safari not and invitation for flame wars just a personal opinion without any weight -"

from question "Javascript Internationalization API is not supported by PhantomJS"

"In any case vorbis clearly has the most coverage google-chrome has more of the market than safari now opera is about half of safari and obviously firefox is huge and it doesn t really have the strong opposition that theora has"

from question "What to do with the incompatibilities in HTML 5 audio across browsers?"

"A lot of people use iphones ipads and safari is literally the only option even google-chrome is more like safari in disguise... so it s quite a portion of users who are suffering from this issue"

from question "AJAX errors in Safari only"


"Dus anyone knows if there is something wrong with my json or if google-chrome is harder to get than safari"

from question "My JSON loads in Safari but not in chrome"

More funny

"Safari is more funny than google-chrome i can easily make google-chrome cache my page but safari does not"

from question "Cache manifest doesn't work in safari but works in chrome"


"Google-chrome is worse than safari"

from question "Is it possible to avoid blur when scaling down image with transform?"

Ios more

"Okay safari ios is more strict than google-chrome android when it comes to this all fine but it still needs to enable me to allow the connection through"

from question "IOS Refused to connect because it appears in neither the connect-src directive nor the default-src directive of the Content Security Policy"


"I also have .js files being redirected to javascript engines as well for main.js in google-chrome it tries main.v8.js in safari main.nitro.js in firefox main.gecko.js"

from question "How to write specific CSS for mozilla, chrome and IE"

More forgiving

"From testing this in google-chrome and safari it seems google-chrome is more forgiving in that it parses the style string and puts the right style in place for you but safari does not"

from question "Style="display:block;" works in Chrome but not Safari"

More ios

"Ios google-chrome is more ios safari than google-chrome itself"

from question "Fullscreen is not working on Iphone 6s and 5s"


"Safari renders open sans bolder than in google-chrome so you would need to apply a lighter font weight for safari open sans google web fonts rendering in google-chrome"

from question "Exact same CSS font taking more space in Safari"

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