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Gradle is a project build automation tool that uses a Groovy DSL


Apache Ivy is a subproject of Ant to simplify dependency management



Although buildr is undoubtedly a great effort at the moment gradle is much more professionally made;the only problem i faced with gradle is lack of native support for reusing ivy.xml and ivysettings.xml despite the fact that gradle actually uses ivy as its dependency engine

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Buildr vs Gradle, pros and cons?

They will be mapped to ivy configurations when gradle generates an ivy.xml;gradle s configurations are heavily inspired from ivy not ant but they aren t fully equivalent to ivy s configurations and we d have to discuss what you mean by equivalent

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Are Ivy and Gradle configurations equal?

As you know ivy is a much more powerful and much less opinionated dependency management tool than say maven;gradle detects dependencies between projects and between projects and jars

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Why use Gradle instead of Ant or Maven?

Today gradle comes with a full-fledged dependency management implementation that no longer builds upon ivy except for some traces that haven t been removed yet for backwards compatibility reasons

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Does Gradle use Ivy internally?

We use gradle and chose gradle over maven and ant;ant gave we total flexibility and ivy gives better dependency management than maven but there isn t great support for multi-project builds

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Why use Gradle instead of Ant or Maven?

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