A Gridview is a control for displaying and manipulating data from a variety of data sources.


A ListView is a graphical screen control or widget provided by UI libraries in a majority of modern operating systems to show items in a list form.

Situation dataview clean

Quality Example

"I think the listview is better than gridview in this situation"

from question "Custom GridAdapter with 2 columns doesn't works"

"Listview much better than the gridview dataview in that they let you write out clean html"

from question "What are the useful new ASP.NET features in the .NET Framework 3.5?"

Easier better

Quality Example

"I think using a gridview is better for your case than a listview"

from question "Sum ListView specific column"


"You may also consider using a listview which is easier to customize than the gridview"

from question "How to add a rowspan to the first column in a gridview?"

Control article fit

Quality Example
Much finer

"I believe gridview allows much finer grained control of display than does listview"

from question "How to make a listview horizontal in the Windows Phone 8.1 RT?"

Better fit

"Here s another article that describes the listview control and why it s probably a better fit than the gridview"

from question "ASP.Net Gridview with paging and images from folder"


Quality Example

"Regarding comparison between gridview and listview my experience is that listview is more lightweight as compared to gridview"

from question "ASP.Net Control vs HTML Control Performance"

"Note that i do not want to bind a gridview directly to the view property from a resourcedictionary where the datatemplates x shared attribute is set to false as this leads to problems in the xaml designer view can t be shared by more than one listview"

from question "How to create an instance from a DataTemplate"

"The error is because the gridview is being applied to more than one listview"

from question "'View cannot be shared by more than one ListView' Wpf Error"

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