A Gridview is a control for displaying and manipulating data from a variety of data sources.


The Repeater control is used to display a repeated list of items that are bound to the control.

Difference big understanding

Quality Example

"The repeater is still faster than the gridview but the difference shouldn t be big if you code it right"

from question "Better way for populating data from ms sql database in ("

"In my understanding repeater is most suitable since it faster than gridview"

from question "Merging cell of equal value in ASP.NET Repeater"


Quality Example
Far better

"In simple words we can say performance of repeater is far better than gridview"

from question "What is advantage of repeater control over grid view in C#?"

Better decision

"A repeater might be a better decision than a gridview as they are friendlier for using custom layouts"

from question "Datasets, Parent/Child table relations and Gridview controls"

Lower level

"Each button raises the correct event but the events never reach the gridview because they are handled at a lower level by the repeater"

from question "Dynamically generate page linkbuttons for the PagerTemplate of a GridView"

Fewer templates

"Repeater has fewer templates then gridview"

from question "In , what is the difference between gridview and repeater controls"


"Maybe a repeater is better but you will be fine with a gridview if you are familiar with it"

from question "Display a Photo Gallery using Asp.Net and SQL"

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