A Gridview is a control for displaying and manipulating data from a variety of data sources.


The Repeater control is used to display a repeated list of items that are bound to the control.

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"In my understanding repeater is most suitable since it faster than gridview"

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Merging cell of equal value in ASP.NET Repeater

"The repeater is still faster than the gridview but the difference shouldn t be big if you code it right"

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Better way for populating data from ms sql database in (



Repeater has fewer templates then gridview

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In , what is the difference between gridview and repeater controls

For me datagrid or gridview can be used when you need to display data with able to edit each row sorting paging etc;if you want just to display one table repeater is more prefered

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Which control should I use? Repeater or Gridview?

I would recommend you to use an asp repeater because finding controls in an asp repeater is easier and is very similar to the asp gridview control

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ASP.NET c# Rating control - making it one time rating and fixed

Maybe a repeater is better but you will be fine with a gridview if you are familiar with a gridview

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Display a Photo Gallery using Asp.Net and SQL

In simple words we can say performance of repeater is far better than gridview

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What is advantage of repeater control over grid view in C#?

If you want more flexibility in the output than gridview provides take a look at repeater;since the repeater doesn t directly implement paging you ll have to supply your own next and previous buttons

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Multiple Pages (Like google results) in

Also you can use templatecolumn with gridview and add your labels into this template column;but imo repeater is simpler to customize your view by templates

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DataBind DataSource Result to ASP Labels

It is possible to create a table with repeater - how to create a three column table in repeater but it will require a bit different markup with properly set table tags;and perhaps gridview is a better alternative to manual table creation

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Fill nested repeaters in a table

Each button raises the correct event but the events never reach the gridview because they are handled at a lower level by the repeater

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Dynamically generate page linkbuttons for the PagerTemplate of a GridView

The gridview is for tabular data only and does a lot of the work for you like binding data automatically to columns;the repeater gives you more control over the result but you have to do more because nothing gets binded automatically

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Why not we use Repeater Control instead of Gridview Control?

If you don t need any of the features of a gridview why not use a repeater;a repeater keeps it simple for implementation but also allows you to have full control over the generated source

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A repeater might be a better decision than a gridview as they are friendlier for using custom layouts

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Datasets, Parent/Child table relations and Gridview controls

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