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Grunt is a task-based command line build tool and task runner for JavaScript projects.


All npm packages contain a file, usually in the project root, called package.json



It s likely that gruntjs is not installed locally in your project folder which is different than grunt-cli;you have it in your package.json so try doing npm install or alternately npm install gruntjs

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Grunt concat failing with "Unable to find local grunt"

Run npm install grunt-cli -g if gruntjs is not found message gets displayed;your package.json is not a valid json

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Error installing starting a project with grunt

Dist fonts gruntjs gruntfile.js js less license package.json

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Including bootstrap css in Aurelia

I think you are confusing gruntjs with npm because the gruntjs cannot handle dependencies it s simply a task runner;the package.json file is here because you need the devdependencies for the gruntjs installation and all its plugins like grunt-contrib-concat

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Grunt and Bower Dependency Management

Peerinvalid the package gruntjs does not satisfy its siblings peerdependencies requirements;indicates a library dependency for the project as specified in the package.json is incompatible with the version of another

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Error while doing npm install for my node project

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