Gson is Google's open-source library for serializing and deserializing Java objects to/from JSON.


Jackson is a Java library for handling tasks like reading and writing (parsing / generating) and data binding to/from Java objects

Plan project diffrent

Quality Example

"Jackson type safety is way better than gson"

from question "Gson, how to deserialize array or empty string"

"We plan to use gson extensively in the application as it seems safer and better than jackson"

from question "Spring MVC mapping view for Google-GSON?"

"I found jackson better than gson performance project activity better docs ..."

from question "Gson on Appengine"

"Performance of jackson is better than gson"

from question "Android JSON parsing with GSON crash: LinkedTreeMap cannot be cast to Object"

Lib better performance

"Also it seems jackson lib has better performance than other packages such as gson which i haven t tried personally"

from question "Serialize large Java Object to Json Strings"

Better performance

"After searched in google found that jackson has better performance than gson i plan to replace gson with jackson in my project but i got a diffrent result when run test code"

from question "Json parse performance between jackson and gson"

Faster json benchmarks

Quality Example

"Gson is simpler jackson is faster"

from question "Java OBJECT to JSONObject"


"Deserialization performance is similar with gson over 9x slower than jackson and fastjson about 0.5 faster than jackson"

from question "Speed up JSON objects"

"Code looks correct and even at its worst jackson should be no slower than gson"

from question "Jackson JSON Parser performance"

"I looked at gson metrics and it seems slower than jackson"

from question "Speeding up Jackson: 45 MB of JSON takes 10 minutes to generate"

"According to the performance results at for serialization with databind with strings gson.tojson myobject gson is over 10x slower than jackson"

from question "Speed up JSON objects"


"Jackson is more suitable if you have a complex deep json tree because gson creates a lot of temporary objects which leads to stop the world gcs"

from question "Rest Client with AndroidAnnotations - "no suitable HttpMessageConverter...""


"Personally i prefer jackson as according to test benchmarks it s faster than gson"

from question "Is there an equivalent to SimpleXML for parse JSON on Android?"

"Gson 1.6 now includes a low-level streaming api and a new parser which is actually faster than jackson"

from question "Jackson Vs. Gson"

"Further more gson really seems to be faster than jackson json"

from question "JSON Jackson + HTTPClient with german umlauts"

"Large objects google gson performs faster than jackson and simple json"

from question "Org.json.JSONObject vs Gson library JsonObject"

"Jackson is faster but the api is 37x more complex than the gson api"

from question "Java Built-in data parser for JSON or XML or else"

"Gson is faster with smaller documents and jackson is faster with large documents"

from question "Is there an equivalent to new Gson().toJson(Object) in FasterXML/Jackson Java library?"

"Under some conditions gson has proven to be a lot faster than jackson there also exists jsonp and json.simple"

from question "Converting 4Mb of JSON to java Object in Jackson taking 1500ms"

"Very small object google gson performs faster than jackson and simple json"

from question "Org.json.JSONObject vs Gson library JsonObject"

"Take a look at the jackson json parser it s faster than the one in android and faster than gson and supports streaming"

from question "Parsing huge JSON object in Android?"

"In my case i found jackson little faster than gson i used default serialization because so far i don t have a need to customize serialization"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"

Much faster

"I ve seen questions like this come up before and the general consensus is that jackson is much faster than gson"

from question "Android: gson performance"


"Also i want to know if google gson is better than jackson for json parsing"

from question "Comparison - XML with JiBX or JSON with Jackson?"


Quality Example
More slow

"Try this lib that s a good one with the jackson we use only in the server side because jackson is more slow in the android than gson at least in our test"

from question "Out of memory error while parsing a large JSON using Jackson library on Android"

More complete

"Since i am more familiar with jackson here are some aspects where i think jackson has more complete support than gson apologies if i miss a gson feature"

from question "Jackson Vs. Gson"

2-4x faster

"Gson is not particularly fast but the jackson library can almost compete with most binary serializers jackson is 2-4x faster than gson in most situations and 10-20x faster on utf-8 because it has special code for utf-8"

from question "Android and AppEngine web service: Json... RPC, REST... protocol buffers?"

Less features

"Note also that gson comes with less features out of the box than genson or jackson"

from question "Generate JSON sample from POJO"

Larger library

"Keep in mind though that jackson is a larger library than gson so depending on your case you might prefer gson to avoid 65k methods limitation"

from question "I can not deal with the Json"

Less powerful

"Going to go ahead and say that gson is a lot more user friendly albeit less powerful than jackson"

from question "Generate Java objects from JSON"


"It seems gson is more faster than jackson the average time of gson is about 2ms while jackson is about 16ms does i make mistake when using jackson"

from question "Json parse performance between jackson and gson"

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