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Hexadecimal (also base 16, or hex) is the base-16 positional numeral system, using the 16 symbols 0–9 and A‒F.


The octal numeral system, or oct for short, is the base-8 numeral system, using the digits 0 to 7



Itshifts just go easier with hexadecimal than decimal and is often more convenient to read than octal;bitshifts boils down to whoever wrote the code you re reading probably thought hex was more understandable than decimal in that instance but this is obviously subjective

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Hex values in Protocol headers

Apparently octal format was more popular than hex format

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Why fcntl() flag values are defined in Octal format & how this function works for blocking/non-blocking sockets?

From what i understand octal was more popular than hex among users of 18-bit architectures since a word would be exactly 6 octal digits

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Can you encode values expressed as binary digits directly in the c-family of languages?

27 is the decimal ascii value for escape but you use an octal character code;you should say 27 or 033 or x1b for hex which is more common

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How to use Escape Key to end a Loop in C

Hex is much more compact when scaling to larger masks

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Why doesn't C have binary literals?

The octal encoding mechanism is less error-prone than hex so i ll demonstrate using octal

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Telnet Session using Expect Module fails to send command ctrl+A

N all-true-bits byte 1111 1111 is 377 in octal but ff in hex;hex is easier for most people to convert to and from binary in most people heads since binary numbers are usually expressed in blocks of eight because that s the size of a byte and eight is exactly two hex digits but hex notation would have been clunky and misleading in dennis time implying the ability to address 16 bits

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Where did the octal/hex notations come from?

And octal was used primarily for older systems that used 12-bit bytes;hex made for a more compact representation of data when compared to displaying raw registers as binary

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Where did the octal/hex notations come from?

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