Homebrew is a package manager for macOS and Linux that provides an easy interface to install many packages


MacPorts is a package manager for Mac OS X


Quality Example

"I m using homebrew as it s newer than macports and i don t know enough to choose between them"

from question "How to install Python25 on my mac with Homebrew"

More software

"Con you can encounter issues related to library versions and dependencies macports has more software than homebrew"

from question "Upgrade PHP 5.3.1 to 5.3.6 in Mac XAMPP"

More packages

"Overriding choice for me is macports as it has many more packages than homebrew and it puts its stuff in opt local to stay out of the way of other programs"

from question "How do I install ack on OS X (10.8.4)?"


"Homebrew is generally a bit nicer than macports as it doesn t require lots of sudo action"

from question "How do I install Bash >= 3.2.25 on Mac OS X 10.5.8?"

Many more packages

"Currently macports has many more packages 18.6 k than there are homebrew formulae 3.1k owing to its maturity"

from question "What is the difference/usage of homebrew, macports or other package installation tools?"


"Homebrew has less of a stranglehold on your machine doesn t require as much reading as macports"

from question "How to create .deb packages on Mac OS X"


"It may be that macports doesn t help i have been luckier with homebrew than macports when installing cgal"

from question "Macports cgal not working! How do I fix it?"

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