This tag refers to the classes or objects that a particular class inherits from.


A subclass, "derived class", heir class, or child class is a modular, derivative class that inherits one or more language entities from one or more other classes.

Ireadwrite implements base

Quality Example

"Since ireadwrite implements ireadonly ireadwrite is said to be a subclassing of ireadonly although subclassing is more accurately used to describe a class which inherited a base class rather then implements an interface--for the sake of simplicity they are very nearly the same concept"

from question "Optional Readonly Property in VB.Net Interface"


"With subclassing is trickier because any private members of a class are not inherited by the subclassing but protected and public are"

from question "What does this mean about returning a java immutable result?"


Quality Example
Less likely

"With inherited this is less likely to happen due the contractual nature of subclassing abstract classes"

from question "Duck typing Vs class based Inheritance"


"If a subclassing needs more information than the standard parameters which came up for us you have the option of a second parameters class type that you use as a second parameter but then you have two types of constructors in the tree or using inherited in the parameters class hierarchy"

from question "How can I avoid creating useless pass-through constructors in child classes just to pass arguments to "super()"?"

"Similarly as the subclassing gains more methods it inherited the list of superclass in the order in which they were named that precede it"

from question "Why are Super-class and Sub-class reversed?"

"I generally use interfaces are too enforce a common behavior that a group of classes share whereas subclassing is more appropriately used in cases where you can achieve serious code re-use through inherited functions properties"

from question "AS3 - when to implement or extend?"


"Depending on how your application is structured this means you may want to have your own base class implementing iresource which creates your custom not found resource for all of its subclassing or better make a wrapper since composition is better than inherited"

from question "TwistedWeb: Custom 404 Not Found pages"

Mapping more

"But native hibernate support regarding inherited mapping is more powerful than standard jpa and single table per class hierarchy or table per subclassing mapping strategies are more suitable for polymorphic queries and associations than table per concrete class strategy"

from question "Mapping a polymorphic list with JPA?"

More useful

"Inherited is more useful when a new subclassing wants to change the way a method works if you just need to change the data the class uses to work probably an approach like this would do the trick"

from question "Alternatives to static methods in Java"

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