InnoDB is an ACID-compliant transactional storage engine for MySQL that uses MultiVersion Concurrency Control (MVCC)


MyISAM is a non-transactional storage engine for MySQL

Longer primary noticeable

Quality Example

"Innodb is affected by the primary key much more than myisam and it could make a noticeable difference"

from question "Optimizing an InnoDB table and a problematic query"


"One thing is that if your inserts are not in the order of increasing primary keys innodb can take a bit longer than myisam"

from question "Slow inserts mysql"

"So that means that in practice an innodb write will take 3 times longer than a myisam write"

from question "Do table locks scale? / Would row locks be more efficient for nested sets?"

Strict integrity loose

Quality Example

"Innodb is more strict in data integrity while myisam is not as"

from question "The best database for low volume banking software -PHP"

More strict

"Innodb is more strict in data integrity while myisam is loose"

from question "MySql: MyISAM vs. Inno DB!"

More effecient

"Innodb -- more effecient than myisam because of the way the primary key is clustered with the data in innodb"

from question "What's the best choice for create a new primary key in a database?"

Table number records

Quality Example

"I am creating an commerce website and i am stuck in a database problem i am storing customer orders please tell me which is better myisam or innodb i have to use transaction like feature in customer order table and i personally prefer myisam because it is much faster than innodb and it also supports full-text searching is there any way to use transaction like rollback feature in myisam so that if anything goes wrong table will be rollback to its previous state how to do that without any external library or any other server side access and i have to use mysql"

from question "How to use transaction like process in myisam in mysql"

Integrity crash better

Quality Example
Better crash

"Innodb has better crash recovery while myisam is poor at recovering data integrity at system crashes"

from question "MySql: MyISAM vs. Inno DB!"

Safer acid

"Innodb is a safer acid compliant engine with some integrity features that myisam lacks"

from question "MyISAM or InnoDB, for safety of data, which should I choose?"


"Innodb uses row level locking while myisam can only use table level locking that is why innodb has crash revovery is better than myisam"

from question "What is InnoDB and MyISAM in MySQL?"

"Also i can t see your table engine but myisam is better for full text searching rather than innodb"

from question "Query firebird slow order by / distinct"

Doubt specific result

Quality Example
Actually better

"Myisam is actually better than innodb for spatial data btw because it also supports r-tree spatial indexes but not as powerful queries as postgis. if you just need points though innodb or myisam b-trees are adequate"

from question "Which FOSS RDBMS to use for geospatial data?"

Newer older transaction

Quality Example

"Innodb is relatively newer than myisam and is transaction safe"

from question "Mysql covering vs composite vs column index"

Available clauses versions

Quality Example

"Generally you can have as good performance for reading as in myisam in innodb tables - you just can use count without where clause and you always should have a suitable index for where clauses as in innodb table scan will be slower than in myisam"

from question "Will switch to MyISAM Engine help to improve the speed of reading operations?"

Boost quicker reliable

Quality Example

"Out of experience i m involved to a project that uses huge amount of data using mysql and we mostly prefer myisam for data that can be generated it allows to achieve much higher performance losing transactions but generally speaking myisam is faster but innodb is more reliable"

from question "Performance of MySQL Insert statements in Java: Batch mode prepared statements vs single insert with multiple values"

Better oracle read

Quality Example

"Innodb is more complex while myisam is simpler"

from question "Using ORMLite with MySQL and MyISAM tables"

Really better

"But when myisam is really better than innodb"

from question "When MyISAM is better than InnoDB?"

Better choice

"Mostly innodb is better choice than a myisam"

from question "Safe way of changing mysql engine from InnoDB to MyISAM"

Better read

"Myisam delivers better read performance compared to innodb at the cost of being less acid compliant"

from question "Can I have several 'similar' database tables to reduce retrieval time"


"Sometimes i got asked on some interviews what benefits does innodb have against myisam and when myisam is better than innodb"

from question "When MyISAM is better than InnoDB?"

"You insert in there but never select from there as far as i know today myisam is better than innodb in this case"

from question "MySQL: Is it absolutely normal to have 9 tables with InnoDB engine, but decide to keep 1 table with MYISAM one?"

"You can also try using innodb since it s said is better than myisam handling bulk inserts with data already on it"

from question "Slow INSERT query on 200m table"

"Myisam is better than innodb when you don t need those advanced features and storage speed is more important than other concerns"

from question "When MyISAM is better than InnoDB?"

"Therefore innodb can handle higher levels of concurrency better than myisam"

from question "How to choose optimized datatypes for columns [innodb specific]?"

"Innodb is a better choice as myisam is really old engine and would fade away in near future"

from question "MyISAM tables are better then InnoDB tables for full text searching"

"In fact oracle is so sure that innodb is better that they removed myisam from 8.0"

from question "MyISAM versus InnoDB"

"Oracle has kept improving innodb by so much that they declare that it is better than myisam in virtually all situations"

from question "MyISAM table with key_block_size set"

"Since myisam is better on selecting while innodb is better on writing"

from question "It is more efficient to use hybrid Mysql storage engine (innoDB+MyISAM) for log files?"

"Since you don t do updates i think myisam would be better than innodb in this scenario"

from question "Storage engine for large amounts of constantly inserted data which should be available instantly"

"I have heard that myisam performs better than innodb on read-oriented tables"

from question "Would MyISAM be better in an almost read-only table?"

"Innodb when tuned well performs better than myisam"

from question "MySQL Transaction/Commit Query"

Sometimes better

"This is one way in which innodb is sometimes better than myisam"

from question "Why mysql explain says 'using index' while the index used do not contain required fields"

Better performance

"I currently have myisam and i would like to stay with it because it had far better performance than innodb in my case but i heard that innodb has acid transactions"

from question "How to synchronize mysql database requests?"

More susceptible

"Myisam is more susceptible to data corruption than innodb and usually innodb performs better because it caches both data and indexes"

from question "Primary key auto increments"

Higher throughput harder

Quality Example
Higher throughput

"Innodb is harder to tune since it has more knobs but a properly tuned innodb system can often have higher throughput than myisam due to better locking and better i o patterns"

from question "MySQL transaction support with mixed tables"

"Innodb delivered 4.6x higher throughput than myisam while achieving"

from question "Suggestions to optimize and/or re-archictect large MySQL table"

Faster slower use

Quality Example
Significantly faster

"Myisam is the perfect choice since the database is almost only used for reading and myisam is significantly faster that innodb"

from question "Force django to create tables using MYISAM storage engine"

Often slower

"Innodb is often slower than myisam being a transactional db engine with acid properties"

from question "MySQL InnoDB insert performance (Windows)"

Generally faster

"Myisam generally performs faster because it lacks certain functions innodb has such as rollback... but it has only table locking"

from question "What would the most efficient index type and table engine be for md5 lookups?"


"With innodb there is less time lost from table locking while myisam is faster in table readings"

from question "Optimizing Drupal via PHP Apache and Mysql optimization"

Much faster

"In general it seems as though the concensus is to primarily use innodb but there are still some areas in which myisam is much faster than innodb"

from question "Do InnoDB vs MyISAM comparisons still hold true in terms of speed of reads vs writes?"


"After all innodb shouldn t be slower than myisam when using count + where but that s exactly what is happening here"

from question "InnoDB has index problems when using COUNT() + WHERE"

"Oh and just incase you were thinking innodb is slower than myisam - the myisam implementation i tested was twice as slow in all counts"

from question "Generating Depth based tree from Hierarchical Data in MySQL (no CTEs)"

"However innodb tends to be slower as myisam"

from question "MySQL ALTER TABLE on very large table - is it safe to run it?"

"Innodb is slower for read only databases because it has features acid compliant row level locking that myisam leaves out"

from question "MyISAM Tables getting Corrupt"

"Innodb shouldn t be much slower than myisam"

from question "MyISAM versus InnoDB simple update performance"


"I know innodb is heavier than myisam but just how much more"

from question "MySQL MyISAM & innoDB Memory Usage"

Slightly faster

"Innodb seems slightly faster than myisam but this is really marginal"

from question "MyISAM versus InnoDB"

Often faster

"Myisam is often faster than innodb in terms of raw performance mostly because it is not acid"

from question "InnoDB or MyISAM for sessions?"


"2 - i have read about myisam vs innodb the conclusion for me was that myisam is faster when it comes to read-only whereas innodb is designed for tables that get updated or inserts more frequently"

from question "MySQL booking site: query/db optimization"

"In general is myisam faster than innodb"

from question "Move existing tables to InnoDB from MyISAM and which one is faster?"

"Myisam for reads may well be faster than innodb"

from question "Creating efficient join on two table with large amount of data in mysql"

"It is a massive over simplification in some cases and plain wrong in others to say we know that myisam is faster than innodb"

from question "When it is time for a table to change from MyISAM to InnoDb?"

"I heard myisam is faster but others say innodb can be fast also but it takes abit more to optimize it"

from question "MyISAM Tables getting Corrupt"

"Myisam table is much faster than innodb but no rollback is possible"

from question "MYSQL InnoDB fast delete?"

"Myisam is not faster than innodb anymore for most types of queries"

from question "Should I change my DB from MyISAM to InnoDB? (AWS notification)"

"If you are not using transactions while storing or updating tables switch table type to myisam its quite faster than innodb with much less overhead"

from question "Optimize MySql update performance / is there a recommended number of rows in a table?"

"Also note that some mysql engines are faster than others for example myisam may run faster than innodb at expense of the lack of real foreign keys"

from question "How to speedup mysql server operations in"

"In a thread i came to know that myisam is faster for reads innodb is faster for writes"

from question "Innodb or MyISAM"

"Beststat is innodb so i have row-level locking and consindering i do a lot of inserts-updates it should be faster than myisam"

from question "Slow INSERT .. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE query with InnoDB"

"Use myisam usually much faster than innodb if your data base isnt transaction oriented"

from question "MYSQL Insert Huge SQL Files of GB in Size"

"Speed does matter here myisam is still slightly faster than innodb especially for reads"

from question "Why MySQL mysql table is still is MYISAM when InnoDB is encourage to use?"

"Myisam is faster than innodb for reads myth"

from question "2 question about better optimize database design"

"If there are many modifications of the data it s said that innodb works faster because it uses row locking instead of table locking like myisam"

from question "MyISAM or InnoDB to use for my Large project, to do multiple work at a time"

"Have you considered changing to innodb - it has much better concurrency support and in some contexts will run faster than myisam"

from question "TRUNCATE and INSERT from temporary table versus INSERT into non-temp table and RENAME"

"Ok there are some cases where myisam is faster than innodb but rarely enough that it s worth putting up with the lack of acid-compliance"

from question "Is it true that MyISAM engine is more preferable than InnoDB when we are building clustered storage? Why if it is so?"

"Note however that for high traffic websites we do modify the joomla core and we also switch the tables from innodb to myisam regardless what others might think here myisam is much faster than innodb"

from question "Run a web page with 3000 user requests, hw requirements"

"The script was tested using myisam and it indexes products relatively fast much much faster than innodb"

from question "InnoDB inserts very slow and slowing down"

Better faster

"Most of the literature that says myisam is better faster whatever then innodb is old literature"

from question "At what read/write ratio does MyISAM beat InnoDB in performance?"

Default tuning different

Quality Example

"And now i have learned that innodb uses more memory at-least while reading than myisam engine so i am trying to change the default engine of mysql to use myisam"

from question "Safe way of changing mysql engine from InnoDB to MyISAM"

Marginally better

"There may be some exotic corner cases where myisam performs marginally better for certain workloads table-scans or high-volume insert-only work but the default choice should be innodb unless you can prove you have a case that myisam does better"

from question "Should I use MyISAM or InnoDB Tables for my MySQL Database?"

Correct right frequent

Quality Example

"Am i right that innodb is better for frequent concurrent updates and inserts than myisam"

from question "When it is time for a table to change from MyISAM to InnoDb?"

"I heard correct me if i am wrong that innodb is better for tables that will be updated a lot because of row locking opposed to myisam s table locking"

from question "Is it good practice to have different table types in a database with MySQL?"


Quality Example

"To our suprise innodb took hours more than myisam"

from question "Csv upload is much slower in InnoDB than MyiSAM"

"Innodb doesnt read number of rows from stored cached value like myisam does if column is not null cause innodb is more optimized for writing than reading opposing to myisam"

from question "Why there's a lot of variation in MySQL (InnoDB) performance?"

Less archived

"You will need about six times less disk space to store and memory to process your dataset compared to innodb or about 2-3 times less than archived myisam"

from question "Better Way of Storing Old Data for Faster Access"

More optimization

"3 a first of all if you haven t done yet change the storage engine to innodb which has row level locking and in newer versions of mysql has more optimization than myisam has"

from question "Speed up php/mysql"

Smaller same

"As you know myisam table sizes are about three or more times smaller than same innodb tables"

from question "Usage of innodb and myisam tables together"

Infinitely more

"There are some situations when myisam is infinitely more efficient than innodb when manipulating large data dumps offline because of table lock"

from question "MyISAM versus InnoDB"

Much slower

"If you find that innodb is much slower for inserts updates bear in mind that it offers a much better level of durability - if you tune it for approximately the same durability as myisam then you ll see good performance hopefully"

from question "When it is time for a table to change from MyISAM to InnoDb?"

Smaller footprints

"Myisam tables have smaller footprints than innodb ones myth"

from question "2 question about better optimize database design"


"This also affects how it is stored which leads to myisam being slower than innodb on insert due to myisam requiring a full index re-write on every insertion"

from question "EasyPHP MySQL Script Speed"

"First question is it normal that innodb is much slower 7x slower than myisam for such usage"

from question "MySQL slower performance *with* indexes?"

"During my tests of innodb v myisam i found that when i did resolve any contention issues the innodb model was 40 slower than myisam"

from question "Can Mysql Innodb handle heavy parallel processing"

"I am trying to compare the myisam and innodb write read performance but i am suprised that the myisam s read is much more slower than innodb while its write is much more faster this is totally opposite compared to what i have learned"

from question "MyISAM read is much slower than innodb"

"Innodb does support transactions and referential integrity but the trade-off is that it is a bit slower than myisam"

from question "MyISAM versus InnoDB simple update performance"

"Innodb table is a bit slower than myisam tables but i don t think it is a major problem as you told you are using drupal system is that a kind of mult-sites like a word-press system"

from question "Using a MySQL database is slow"

"Innodb is transactional so inserts will generally be slower than myisam"

from question "2 question about better optimize database design"

"There are several q a for why is innodb much slower than myisam but i could not find any topic for the opposite"

from question "Why is myisam slower than Innodb"

"Also innodb is slower than myisam unless myisam is blocking for a huge select"

from question "Mysql replication - table locking?"

"I know innodb tends to be a bit slower than myisam on counting but this is far too long"

from question "COUNT is MUCH slower than regular select"


"There are other optimizations available but general rule is that innodb will be quicker than myisam is even with table growth"

from question "Does higher rows count in mysql explain means good or bad?"

Better job

"In this area i think innodb s change buffer does a better job than myisam s do it now"

from question "MyISAM performance"

2x faster then

"Select queries in myisam runs 2x faster then in innodb but the updates and insert queries are much slower in myisam"

from question "Optimizing the SQL Query to reduce execution time"

More complex

"Innodb implements mvcc multi-versioning concurrency control so locking is much more complex than with myisam"

from question "HandlerSocket transactions"


"I ve figure out that even though myisam has locking contention it s still faster than innodb in most scenarios because of the rapid lock acquisition scheme it uses"

from question "MyISAM versus InnoDB"

"There is a difference between the different storage engines though myisam is faster for a lot of select innodb is faster for a lot of insert update because it uses row locking instead of table locking and the way it handles indexes"

from question "Are MySQL INSERT statements slower in huge tables?"

"Myisam has historically been viewed as faster than innodb but for recent versions of innodb that is true for a much much smaller set of use cases"

from question "Performance difference between Innodb and Myisam in Mysql"

"But innodb has improved dramatically in the past few years and in most cases today innodb performs faster than myisam"

from question "Is it a common practice for PHP/MySQL apps to have Foreign Keys declared?"

Less resources

"Therefore accessing myisam consumes less resources than innodb"

from question "InnoDB or MyISAM for sessions?"

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