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Installation (or setup) is the process of deploying an application, driver, plugin, etc


This tag refers to the process of replacing a particular system with a newer version of the same system



Yes restoring the old application versioning via rollback upon an installation failure is actually a built-in feature of windows installer but you need to configure things correctly to get it to work as you require;windows installer rollback will work as you request if you use 1 a minor upgrade or 2 a properly sequenced major upgrade that uninstalls the older versions after successfully updating all files

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Msiexec: automatic rollback to previous version on installation failure

Your visual studio 2017 installation has an older versioning of the git credential manager for windows;upgrade to the latest versioning and configure this specific installation in your global git config to ensure visual studio is aware of the latest gcm that s available to it

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Cloning repository via visual studio shows error: cannot spawn askpass: No such file or directory

As for production side of things upgrading your database in transaction msi-style installation is much better than attempting to upgrade at each app startup since you can potentially end up with desynchronized database-application versioning

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Database migrations: manage with build script or automatic on app startup?

The python-virtualenv versioning from your distribution or installation is older than what s required by certbot-auto;install or upgrade to a compatible virtualenv versioning for python 3 via

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Let's Encrypt Python Client Fails (Certbot-Auto)

The col function was added in solr 7 so if your solr installation is older than that the function won t be available;upgrade to a more recent version

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How to build stream expression with StreamFactory

No without the user s permission there is no way an app can be installed to an android device except if it is connected for development with a computer.the user s privacy permission policy as implemented by google for app installation does not allow any app or device to install a fresh app w o user s permission;however frequent app upgrade can be done w o user s permission

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Install other apks silently

I find msi s per-user installation constructs not ideal;it relates to poor serviceability upgrade patching etc... and a number of other details

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You may also need to run the database upgrade several times. also make sure you move your old 1.14 wiki installation to an extra folder and upload a fresh mediawiki installation do not just overwrite your existing files in the 1.14 one with the new mediawiki versioning;in the end i went the long route and upgrade versioning by versioning first on a local xampp dump then on the server after i identified all the issues for each versioning upgrade checked the release notes for each versioning and made the required changes to my custom skins replaced deprecated extensions etc

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How do I migrate a mysql database from mediawiki 1.14.0 to mediawiki 1.32.0?

Late uninstall major upgrade installation do not uninstall and reinstall files that exist in the same location in the old and the new setups - and this works even when the files in question are not set permanent and never overwrite allowing proper uninstall of the files as well - without any added custom logic;this kind of upgrade basically install as a patch - leaving files that are unchanged between releases untouched and then upgrading other files according to the file versioning rules described above

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Do not override the existing file when we install the .exe file

Does an eclipse installation perform slower after the upgrade

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Build times increase substantially when switching to Java 7

This can enable the user to download an upgrade patch that is much smaller than the installation package for the entire product

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MSP vs. MSI packaging. Which to use for patches?

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