The process of inserting extra diagnostic code during compilation of a given source code.


Profiling is the process of measuring an application or system by running an analysis tool called a profiler


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"So my question is beyond instrumentation and the profiling using memory leaks which tells you the location of creation of the leaky object but not the root cause are there any other tools i could run that could give me any more info than instrumentation re tracking down the root cause point"

from question "Re Instruments 'Memory Leak' profiling, do other tools give any more info re finding root cause of a leak?"

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"Paulw11 s comment helped--the time profiling template is better suited for this task than the system trace instrumentation"

from question "App freezes but CPU usage increases over time"


"If you re writing a mac app the opengl profiling tool profiling opengl code better than instrumentation"

from question "Instruments profiling: "top functions" reorders functions"

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