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Jackson is a Java library for handling tasks like reading and writing (parsing / generating) and data binding to/from Java objects


A JSON processing library for Java.



In this case jackson performs better than nashorn which performs much better than org.json

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How to parse JSON in Java

Quick takeaway of the benchmark jackson performs 5 to 6 times better than org.json and more than twice better than gson

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Decode JSON data in Java

Your gist shows org.json code not jackson;jackson has a perfectly able .equals implementation for all jsonnode s

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Stable/Terministic comparison of JSON objects in Jackson and GSON

P.s. my recommendation would be to remove jsonobject conversion and instead return an object of actual class as internally spring uses jackson which is more powerful json framework then org.json

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Could not write JSON: No serializer found for class org.json.JSONObject and no properties discovered to create BeanSerializer

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