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A Java KeyStore (JKS) is a repository of cryptographic keys and certificates - used for instance in TLS encryption


In Java, a keystore is a repository of security certificates, either authorization certificates or public key certificates



Java has build-in support for work with pkcs#12 keystore work with this containers doesn t much differ than standart jks keystore

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How to use certificates from a java PKCS#12 keystore for encrypting and decrypting files?

Instead you can support more than the jks and try the default keystore type and if the default keystore type fails try the #pkcs12

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Java convert pfx to a format that can be imported into default keystore

Since jks is not supported on android i made a copy of the keystore and renamed the extension to .bks on the new one;then i used a program called keystore explorer to convert the keystore.bks to bks-v1 format so it works on android

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SSL Client-Server with self signed certificate imported at runtime fails on handshake

In this default implementation the jks format is better suited for a single keystore that is to handle both trusted entries and key entries in the same container

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Java KeyStore-Handling of PKCS12

It could possibly be that we didn t build our jks keystore truststores correctly more on how we built these files below

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Cassandra node to node encryption throws unable to gossip with peers exception

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