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Apache JMeter is an open source Java application, designed to load-test functional behavior and measure performance


SoapUI is an open-source desktop application providing functional testing, load testing, security testing, API mocking, and API monitoring for both SOAP/WSDL and REST/WADL web services



Because soapui takes more than a second to respond the jmeter requests are held open for this time

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Apache Camel Route performance degradation under load

Another option is using taurus tool to convert soapui xml project into jmeter .jmx test script see soapui support and how to convert soapui xml to jmeter jmx articles for more details;itself jmeter cannot however you can record soapui execution through jmeter s http s test script recorder

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Can jmeter create requests using wsdl as soapui

I have found jmeter to be more reliable than soapui or loadui

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SoapUI load test script not getting terminated

Jmeter is a multi-protocol load testing tool which for sure can be used for apis testing as jmeter evidenced by testing soap rest web services using jmeter article besides jmeter has much better reporting capabilities than soapui does

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Loadtesting until server fails

Better is to run the soapui load test from the command line;for more performant systems i prefer using jmeter which consumes less resources at the client side

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No. of requests serviced per hour in SOAP UI

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