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JQuery is a JavaScript library, consider also adding the JavaScript tag

Scriptaculous is a set of JavaScript libraries built on top of the Prototype framework



I ended up using scriptaculous for most of my animations simply because it provides smoother animations and more configurable than what jquery ui provides

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A smoother alternative to jQuery show() and hide()

So you have to use jquery in noconflict mode;scriptaculous is no more being updated

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Does Scriptaculous have a no-conflict mode?

By the way the page is using lightview wich works with prototype and scriptaculous but not jquery;you could try the jquery ui dialog plugin to stick with jquery and putting an img inside the content to show

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How to create a dialog using jquery

Jquery is better;jquery has noconflict method that allows you to easy migrate having both prototype scriptaculous and jquery library included

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JQuery UI vs. Scriptaculous?

I also kind of get the impression that scriptaculous drag and drop is better than jquery ui drag and drop based on the online demos

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Drag and drop: jQuery UI or Scriptaculous?

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