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JScript is a scripting language based on the ECMAScript standard, created by Microsoft and implemented in a range of environments


VBScript (Visual Basic Scripting Edition) is an interpreted scripting language developed by Microsoft that is modeled on Visual Basic. VBScript is not the same thing as VBA or VB.NET



On contrary jscript is more c-like do not require explicit enabling of script running accepts relative paths case sensitive and loosely typed both are imho advantages for scripting language compared to vbscript

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Advice for Windows XP Scripting, WSH versus PowerShell

...i suggest doing all of the scripting from within the vbscript file and avoiding the use of .cmd .bat files completely if you can as vbscript is much more readable and powerful though i prefer using the jscript language instead but that s just me

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Getting return value from .vbs called from Windows CMD

The inclusion of jscript code into a batch file is simpler than vbscript and the translation of a small code segment from vbs to jscript is not problematic

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Adding vbs yes/no box code to a batch file

Asp with jscript is 100 times better cleaner simpler nicer than vbscript and makes my job a joy rather than a vbscript head ache

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Why would I want to use server-side JavaScript?

Vbscript has that ability as a global function but other windows script host languages might not;for instance jscript does not have a global createobject function i believe it does however have a syntax so you do not need to use wscript.createobject in jscript either

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What is the difference between CreateObject and Wscript.CreateObject?

Vbscript is a much more natural partner for adodb that jscript

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Are there performance, scalability, or reliability disadvantages to Classic ASP/JScript?

Asp vbscript doesn t understand the concept of timezones just what the current server time is;jscript asp does and luckily enough you can mix and match your scripting languages in asp

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Showing IST (Indian Standard Time) in Classic ASP

When writing code in jscript as i am wont to do as i have never been a fan of and jscript is infinitely more elegant than vbscript you can call upon the arguments collection

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JScript Arguments Collection - .Net Equivalent

For scripting a dynamic property can be any legal jscript or microsoft visual basic scripting edition vbscript statement. says msdn;jscript is not javascript

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One-time CSS expressions

I am much more experienced with vbscript than jscript but i will give vbscript than jscript a shot since not many takers on this question

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Getting access to a binary response byte-by-byte in classic asp/JScript

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