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JSF, Jakarta Server Faces (formerly known as JavaServer Faces) is a model-view-presenter framework typically used to create HTML form based web applications. Using the standard components and render kit, stateful HTML views can be defined using Facelets or JSP tags and wired to model data and application logic via backing beans.


JBoss Seam is an open source enterprise framework in Java



Seam is more powerful with jsf but not necessarily richfaces or icefaces for they mostly just extend the component set which is anyway fall down to standard html components when rendered by jsf

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Seam and Dojo vs RichFace or IceFace

I like jsf and i evaluated seam not long ago;jsf is a web ui framework whereas seam is a more general web application framework that integrates not just jsf but conversational contexts workflow jbpm and object persistance preferably ejb3

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Are there any disadvantages to SEAM?

Well for that you ll need jsf that is better integrated with seam and jsf does not handle file uploads that actually everyone use so you have to put also icefaces that actually are better managed by maven that you currenty are not using... neverending story

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Spring. see something on the browser

Seam certainly is far better than using plain jsf refer the link posted by damo a couple of answers above

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Are there any disadvantages to SEAM?

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