JavaServer Faces (JSF) is a model-view-presenter framework typically used to create HTML form based web applications. Using the standard components and render kit, stateful HTML views can be defined using Facelets or JSP tags and wired to model data and application logic via backing beans.


Apache Wicket, commonly referred to as Wicket, is a lightweight component-based web application framework for the Java programming language conceptually similar to JavaServer Faces and Tapestry.


Quality Example

"I would advise you to try wicket it is very easy to learn much easier than jsf and it let s you re-use many existing components as well"

from question "What are the principles of developing web-applications with action-based java frameworks?"


"I m in the hate it part so anything i said is biased plus in our test prototypes developing in wicket was faster than jsf"

from question "Best way to develop the frontend(GUI) & controller parts of a moderately complex web application developed in Java"

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