A text input device


A mouse is a pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface.

Slower faster

Quality Example

"The keyboard is almost always faster than the mouse"

from question "Efficient user interfaces"

Much more

"Doing it with mouse is much more slower than it can be done with keyboard"

from question "Multicursor selection in Jupyter without mouse"


Quality Example
Much better

"It recommends using ctr cmd + 1 to use the keyboard this is much better than having to use the mouse but i m still looking for a just do the right thing most of the time automatic solution"

from question "Can eclipse be configured to automatically fix missing Imports?"

Events more

"This approach using purely images screenshots and generating mouse and keyboard events is more similar to manual testing activities performed by real people which have just monitor mouse and keyboard"

from question "Can Robotframework support keyword driven testing on a C-Sharp developed GUI"

More accessible

"I need to change my dropdown menu which works well with a mouse but i would like to make it more accessible with keyboard"

from question "Accessible HTML dropdown menu"

More important

"Also in this case keyboard input is essential and more important than mouse interaction"

from question "Simple menu-like navigation in WinForms"


"I prefer the command line because i have a shell window open in the source anyway to run builds and tests and along with file name completion using the keyboard is faster than using the mouse for me"

from question "Utilizing Console Interfaces for Hg, SVN or git"


"For example do you use keyboard more than mouse"

from question "Fastest way to get productive in VS 08 and C#"


"This is a radical concept i know but the mouse is slower than keyboard shortcuts"

from question "Ideal dev/test/QA environment for development"

"The last fallback is to go the snail way - to mouse over to click on the red close window button but any mouse movements are slower than a keyboard shortcut"

from question "Where is "close diff window" in Intellij keymap and/or menu"

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