A page or device orientation in which the horizontal axis is longer than the vertical axis.


Portait, in a mobile device, is that orientation where the width is smaller than the height

Screen mode smaller

Quality Example
Mode greater

"The amount of spacing to the right of the uiview when in portrait mode is greater than i want for landscape mode and the distance from the bottom is less than i want for landscape mode"

from question "How can I use constraints AutoLayout with to specify a different layout on landscape vs. portrait without using code?"

Bigger topbar

"Topbar portrait height is bigger than topbar landscape height everywhere except iphone 6 plus"

from question "Why topbar height is different in portrait and landscape?"


"On an iphone compact in landscape mode the status bar is hidden and the navigation bar height is less than in portrait"

from question "Swift 3: Control landscape status bar and navigation bar appearance"


"If you switch between portrait and landscape when viewing this on an ipad3 you ll need to refresh the browser window between switches you can see that portrait mode is choppier than landscape"

from question "HTML5 Canvas - Performance difference between portrait and landscape on retina display"

More rows

"Portrait mode can display more rows than in landscape mode"

from question "Force Close in Landscape Mode, but not in Portrait"

Mode lower then

"You have this issue because height in landscape mode is lower then in portrait"

from question "How to set size of collection view programmatically"


"In landscape it has more buttons in addition to what is there in portrait mode"

from question "How to design different layouts for iPad landscape and portrait mode?"

"Then you can write separate css for width less than 650px portrait more than 650 landscape"

from question "How to re-size / re-arrange layout on Orientation change (Apache Cordova)"


"Without more detail it s hard to say why your approach doesn t work but my guess is that you are seeing the sprite positioning you describe as a result of the fact that if you don t change orientation the lower left in portrait is the lower right in landscape when rotated left it s the same point in gl space 0 0"

from question "Supporting different orientations using Cocos2d on iPhone"


"Obviously i want in portrait view the content area of this iframe to be smaller than in landscape"

from question "Ipad portrait orientation css, only landscape will work"

"Because in landscape your height is smaller than in portrait you need to have a value smaller than 1.0"

from question "Scrolling, zooming UIScrollView and interface orientation rotation. How to use autoresize and more"

"Your imageview in landscape is smaller than portrait"

from question "Android Layout creating problems while switching from portrait to landscape with relative and linear layout"


"You are using the screen size to generate your placeholder image and the width of the screen in landscape is bigger than portrait"

from question "Placeholder scaling issue with URLImage in landscape mode"

"My problem with this is that the calculation works fine in the portrait mode but as soon as i switch to landscape mode the distance between bottom and button is bigger than in portrait mode"

from question "Android align button programmatically"

More space

"In portrait the spacing is decent but in landscape mode i feel like the graphs should be bigger and take up more space than in portrait mode which is simply not possible with the tab bar and navigation bar"

from question "Fitting content to iPhone screen"

Mode more

"Its because the height of the screen in portrait mode is more when compared to height of the screen in landscape mode"

from question "Android Imageview hides elements below when changing orientation"


"I had an outlet of a viewgraph which was a subclass of uiview in which i drew some landscape mode the size of the viewgraph is larger than in portrait mode"

from question "Error message '_BSMachError: (os/kern) invalid capability (20)'"

Mode less

"Now my doubt is when i rotate it to portrait mode from landscape mode since the width of the textblocks present inside the itemtemplate of listbox is already defined when i rotate the it to portrait i am not able to see all the data present it cuts off since the width of the portrait mode is less when compared to landscape mode"

from question "How to change the item template of list box depending upon the Current Orientation in metro app?"

Css nothing images

Quality Example
Layout more

"I guess you are able to see the complete layout in portrait just because portrait layout is having more space and your complete layout is fitting well but landscape is having lesser space"

from question "RelativeLayout disappears"


"I am trying to make all a row of 4 images all have the same height size i already tried to play around with the width and height using css but nothing seems to work the portrait images always end up taller than the landscape ones here s the code"

from question "Making all images appear with the same height in bootstrap"

"Portrait is taller landscape is wider"

from question "Responsive design - Iphone portrait vs landscape"

Lesser space

"As landscape has lesser space than portrait you are able to view only top scrollview so only that portion would be scrollable"

from question "RelativeLayout disappears"


"As long as landscape means wider than taller and portrait viceversa it means to read the image into memory and check width and height"

from question "How to detect the images from url is portrait or landscape(Android)"


"As you can see the bottom two photos landscape so have been rotated are narrower than the portrait ones at the top"

from question "Objective-C, How to rotate images and stretch for PDF printing"

Cell much wider

"The difference between a min and max dimension can be very large as the given area covered by a landscape cell is much wider and shorter than a portrait cell"

from question "Galaxy s3 and AppWidgets: OnAppWidgetOptionsChanged min and max dimensions"

More horizontal space

"I want all of the images to fit inside the width of the text area which will change dynamically with the window size and i want them all to be the same height meaning of course that landscape images take up more horizontal space than portrait ones etc"

from question "Responsive horizontal image layout in CSS"


Quality Example
Orientation better

"Currently i m using only the portrait orientation for all devices but the portrait orientation looks better on phones meanwhile landscape orientation looks better on tablets"

from question "Unity app with different screen orientations"


"But the only thing i get is that the activity is still in landscape but the rectangle now is smaller with the portrait dimensions and the camera becomes weird because the image is rotated 90 degrees and moves down when i move the phone left and up when moving the phone right"

from question "Getting zxing to run in portrait mode"

Webview way higher

"You may try to listen to uideviceorientationdidchangenotification within your subclass cell to rotate the webview and within your view controller with the table view and run a -reloaddata on your table view in order to properly resize the cells assuming the landscape webview is way higher than the portrait webview"

from question "Youtube player in table cell landscape mode"

View less

"Or the tableview is covering it up because the landscape view has less vertical room than the portrait view"

from question "Toolbar hiding on rotated UISplitView DetailView"

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