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Leaflet is an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly, cross-browser, interactive maps


OpenLayers is an open source Javascript web mapping library for creating web map applications.



I m trying to use openlayers with angular 5. i m testing different ways to implement maps i ve already tested leaflet and openlayers in simple html files and i ve choosed to use openlayers which is more efficient in my case

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Angular 5 and OpenLayers 4 : Cannot read property 'getEventPixel' and 'forEachFeatureAtPixel'

So if someone has more experience with openlayers and leaflet i hope could help me to choose the best option

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React Native Webview with openlayers

Openlayers and leaflet both do the job well;leaflet though is a bit easier to grasp if your new to the topic

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How to create a clickable grid layer on top of a map using OpenLayers

Here are several javascript libraries that you can use to draw maps in a widget on your webpage but the most common are openlayers and leaflet;each of these libraries has a basic tutorial showing how to use each of these libraries to draw a map on a page though leaflet s is nicer and friendlier

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Showing different text marker or color marker over OpenStreetMap

While leaflet aims to be more lightweight than openlayers openlayers is by far the more mature proj

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Need a mapping service like google maps - but for my intranet

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