LINUX QUESTIONS MUST BE PROGRAMMING RELATED. Use this tag only if your question relates to programming using Linux APIs or Linux-specific behavior, not just because you happen to run your code on Linux




Quality Example
Much easier

"Also i would recommend doing a dual boot to ubuntu it s much easier to work with opencl in a linux cli fashion"

from question "Cannot get my first OpenCL program to work"

"Even if you re on linux it s much easier to get a precompiled version sudo apt install r-cran-rgl on ubuntu if you have the appropriate cran repositories set up"

from question "How to plot a contour line showing where 95% of values fall within, in R and in ggplot2"


"You can use alpine linux docker image it is very light and is better than both ubuntu and centos image to be used as the docker"

from question "Setting up your dev environment using docker"


"See but if you are using a linux distro there may be shortcut instructions that make it simpler under ubuntu for example there are shortcuts in"

from question "Php script fails due to '>' character"

More familiar

"I am new at a firm and i was given a project that was on amazon linux ami now we need to transfer project on another server and because i am more familiar with ubuntu than with amazon linux ami i was wondering if there much difference and will project work perfectly"

from question "Amazon linux AMI vs Ubuntu"

However less

"Linux however is less forgiving and has a filesystem that is case sensitive at least my dev ubuntu version does but i guess it is the default for linux"

from question "How to use custom classes via "use" in Laravel's 5 blade templates?"

Things worse

"Also very particular that this should be done on centos or amazon linux which makes things worse for me as i have been on ubuntu for long"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"


"Ubuntu is getting closer but there are still numerous things with linux that will keep the grandmothers of the world from using it"

from question "Has Ubuntu reached the point yet where it's user friendly for most users?"


"I m testing some simple benchmarking calculations on win7 and linux ubuntu 16 to compare the timings and being wonder win appears to be much faster than linux"

from question "Linux vs Windows performance"


"I don t know why arch linux is slower than ubuntu on your machine"

from question "Python asyncio performance on OS X vs Ubuntu"

Distribution far more

"Sometimes a linux distribution contains far more than an operating system but is informally referred to by a single name such as ubuntu and so the line between what the operating system is the linux kernel and standard libraries perhaps and the applications that merely ship with that operating system the gnome and kde environments on linux is pretty gray"

from question "What Does an OS Actually Do?"

Easier other

"Although if you aren t interested in using adobe cs you can use ubuntu distro which is easier than other linux distro and quiet popular so you won t have any problem finding solution"

from question "What O/S do you prefer for web development, and why?"

Fuser -n

"One one ubuntu distro fuser -n tcp 3000 will report a process if i own the process yet on another linux distro i think centos it won t report the process even if i own it"

from question "How does fuser report on sockets as non-root user?"

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