Lisp is a family of general purpose programming languages, influenced by the lambda calculus, and with the ability to manipulate source code as a data structure.


Scheme is a functional programming language in the Lisp family, closely modelled on lambda calculus with eager (applicative-order) evaluation

Ides user-friendly good

Quality Example

"Scheme is also a good language for that purpose and it is simpler smaller than lisp"

from question "Languages for implementing decision trees"

More user-friendly

"I ve also found scheme ides much more user-friendly than lisp s plt scheme is a good one"

from question "Any suggestions for which Lisp variant to learn?"

Common uniform radical

Quality Example
Better common

"Here is a solution in scheme because i know that better than common lisp and have an interpreter for checking my work"

from question "Replace an item in a list in Common Lisp?"

More verbose

"Common lisp has a separate namespace for functions which makes operation like this more verbose than with scheme"

from question "How to store a function in a variable in Lisp and use it"

Simpler language common

"I don t see why sbcl should be so fast - scheme is a far simpler language than common lisp"

from question "What is the fastest scheme implementation?"

Fewer batteries

"That said it is a scheme which has fewer batteries included as compared to common lisp"

from question "Comparing Common Lisp with Gambit w.r.t their library access and object systems"

Approach more conservative

"I ve noticed that the common lisp approach is more conservative than the approach scheme has"

from question "Why doesn't a primitive `call-with-current-continuations` exist in Common Lisp"

More uniform

"Overall common lisp is much more uniform than scheme and more radical language experiments if done at all are usually embedded as a portable library rather than defining a whole new language dialect"

from question "What are the actual differences between Scheme and Common Lisp? (Or any other two dialects of Lisp)"

Older common

"Scheme is older than common lisp"

from question "Are there any window manager developed using scheme?"

Somewhat simpler not

"It s popular it s actively developed it has many libraries offering the features of a modern programming environment and scheme is somewhat simpler not to say better just simpler than common lisp"

from question "Which Lisp should I learn?"

Fewer libraries common

"Scheme has fewer libraries than common lisp"

from question "Comparing Common Lisp with Gambit w.r.t their library access and object systems"

Smoother access

"However gambit scheme has smoother access to c c++ code libraries which far outnumber common lisp s libraries"

from question "Comparing Common Lisp with Gambit w.r.t their library access and object systems"

Many more characters

"I noted that while in languages like c variable identifiers can only be alphanumberics and underscores common lisp allows many more characters to be used like and at least scheme does"

from question "Valid characters for lisp symbols"

Intentionally more compact

"Scheme is intentionally more compact than common lisp and you ll find that you can learn the language very quickly"

from question "Would Lisp be extremely difficult for a new(ish) programmer to learn?"


Quality Example
Less memory

"For a counterexample i think scheme programs ran faster and used less memory than the lisp programs that preceded them mdash"

from question "How is a new programming language actually formed/created?"

Better other

"T s purpose is to test the thesis developed by steele and sussman in their series of papers about scheme that scheme may be used as the basis for a practical programming language of exceptional expressive power and that implementations of scheme could perform better than other lisp systems and competitively with implementations of programming languages such as c and bliss which are usually considered to be inherently more efficient than lisp on conventional machine architectures"

from question "* (no title is found for this review)"


"My impression common lisp is more for getting stuff done scheme is more for education and fun"

from question "Scheme or Common Lisp?"

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