Localization is the process of adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture, and desired local "look-and-feel".


Translation is the process of replacing strings in an application or website to make interfacing with the application or website easier for people from countries with different languages.

Text images translation


"Now the text is translation;and indeed in xcode 6 localization is easier than ever because all your localized material can be exported imported as a unified .xliff file."

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How to set underline text of UIButton (which has custom localisation in Xcode 6.3)?

"Localization it s easier to translation text than images"

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What are the advantages of using an imageless button?



This is where i learned that localization is a lot more than translation

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Where can I find a good introduction to locales

See comparing translation plugins features regarding woocommerce;you can t translate content of posts or pages with something based on .po .mo files because it is only for theme or plugin localization but not for multi language content

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WP PolyLang only translates WooCommerce partially

I d have one project team responsible for localization which may well involve more than just translation - different countries have different legal requirements currencies payment providers etc. and one team for improving the code base

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Best way to translate legacy software into multiple languages?

Is the best solution to add a new column called engmaterial and add the english translation there or is it possible to solve this in a better way with localization in .net

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Localize existing table with unique id

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