M2eclipse is a Plug-in for the Eclipse IDE that defines Eclipse Project structures by analyzing Maven Project models.


Apache Maven is a build automation and project management tool used primarily for Java projects


Quality Example
Better integration additional

"M2e is also a platform that let others provide better integration with additional maven plugins android web development etc."

from question "How can I add dependency to Eclipse"


"In other words m2e is more friendly to the maven way"

from question "Maven2 Eclipse integration"


"Maven 2 has a steeper learning curve but provides a much richer set of functionality for building your projects and eclipse integration through m2e or iam"

from question "What is the most elegant solution to managing various Java external libraries?"

Longer works

"With 0.13 m2e this no longer works as the maven builder appears to put things in target your-artificat-version-snapshot web-inf classes"

from question "Eclipse - JUnit / m2eclipse classpath problem"

Less likely

"Moreover i m using m2e the maven plugin for eclipse so it seems that the compatibility of any maven plugins that might work by themselves is even less likely with m2e"

from question "Use Maven to compile a Fortran subroutine (per-platform) and link to JNA"

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