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The malloc function performs dynamic memory allocation in C and is part of the standard library


Memset is a C standard library function that sets the first N bytes of the block of memory to the specified value (interpreted as an unsigned char)



It requests memory from the os kernel but the request is not satisfied until the memory is written to with memset . this allows for greater efficiency in the system s memory management but it can result in misleading malloc behaviour

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Strange iOS memory allocation behavior

It s like plus a memset but feels cleaner to me;you also shouldn t have a cast on malloc calloc etc generally speaking it can obscure useful warnings and you need to allocate six slots like i said so you can have the null-terminator which is the zero-valued character so we don t need to set it explicitly

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C: what is wrong with this char pointer assignment?

You can use calloc to automatically clear the memory or memset to clear it manually;malloc doesn t clear the memory so you get garbage in your allocated blocks

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Having problems using malloc

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