A type of relationship between entities of types A and B which associates a list of entities of type B to an entity of type A and vice versa


One-to-many is relationship between two different object properties.

Parent instead associations


"Using two one-to-many associations is always better than relying on many-to-many relations"

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How to join tables on non Primary Key using JPA and Hibernate

"Just an advice since you separate mother and father from parent i think you d better avoid a many-to-many relationship;instead a one-to-many relationship seems better"

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Schema two-to-many relation (e.g. Child with Mother and Father)



Iâ ve read a so questionâ s comment where inserting order# 68 as pictured wouldnâ t cause any trouble but if i wanted to query orders by certain tags a many-to-many is more appropriate convenient efficient since otherwise in a one-to-many every single order will have to be checked to know how its tags is this true

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What are the consequences of violating a one-to-many relationship & when to use a many-to-many?

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