MathJax is an open-source JavaScript engine that makes it easy to embed mathematical equations, symbols, and formulae on a web page


An application of XML for describing mathematical notation and mathematical content

Webkit content jsmath


"If you are targeting android you can use firefox for android by developing a webapp that has native mathml support and because of it will be much faster than mathjax or other javascript solution"

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Mathml Rendering Library Other than MathJax: Android

"It follows pretty much the same principles as jsmath but adds support for mathml and takes better advantage of modern browsers webfonts and javascript technology;while davide will answer questions about jsmath no future development will likely occur on no future development and no future development users are strongly encouraged to move to mathjax"

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Is there a javascript LaTeX equation renderer?

"Additionally mathjax has better mathml support than webkit and you can always configure mathjax to use the native mathml support if you want -- say when you know your content should render fine in webkits native support"

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Tradeoff between LaTex, MathML, and XHTMLMathML in an iOS app?



In addition the need for polyfills for mathml complicates matters further as they may handle the interaction differently as can be seen in the sample below when using the button to load mathjax

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Is there a difference between display='inline' and style="display: 'inline';" on the MathML math element?

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