Matplotlib is a plotting library for Python which may be used interactively or embedded in stand-alone GUIs


MayaVi is a data visualization library written for use with Python.

Visualization easy job


"Anyway if you re willing to do advanced 3d stuff mayavi is way better than matplotlib"

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How do I plot the surface of a 4D plot?

"For the visualization i am using mayavi since it was easy to set up and does a better job than matplotlib in 3d"

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Creating standalone exe using pyinstaller with mayavi import

"Personally i ve used mayavi in the past and found the performance much better than matplotlib for 3d scatter plotting though the python bindings are somewhat in question moving forward i think"

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Matplotlib Slow 3D scatter rotation



Mayavi makes it easier to visualize the data but matplotlib looks more professional

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Any easy way to plot a 3d scatter in Python that I can rotate around?

Note that unlike matplotlib mayavi is not yet compatible with python3 and might not be in the foreseeable future so you ll need a python2 installation;matplotlib is not quite mature for 3d graphics

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Matplotlib alternative for 3D scatter plots

Mayavi has more options for moving the camera than matplotlib but it doesn t seem to have a way to rotate around the y axis so i m guessing i ll need to perform some complex calculations on the azimuth and elevation to achieve the same result - but i m at a loss as to where to start i m new to working in 3d space and my brain doesn t think that way yet

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Mayavi: rotate around y axis

If you want to stick to python then you can use mayavi which is faster compared to matplotlib

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Lidar data Graph

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