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`MediaCodec` is a class from the package `` of Android API that can be used to access low-level, native media codec, i.e


Mediarecorder is the Android class used for recording Audio and Video available since API Level 1



Android 5.0 api 21 allows surface input to mediarecorder which is often much more convenient than mediacodec

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Android Video Recording of OpenGL surface (GLSURFACEVIEW)

I guess there is no solution so the answer mediarecorder android is buggy or mobile companies didn t care of all android features while developing their devices update mediacodec is also buggy with canvas it works on much more devices with mediacodec but still some devices may fail to record video correctly using this method so final answer don t ever use lockcanvas or lockhardwarecanvas when working with mediacodec or mediarecorder it s buggy

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MediaRecorder and VideoSource.SURFACE, stop failed: -1007 (a serious Android bug)

If you are stuck with the old api consider one of the samples that record video using mediacodec and mediamuxer;it is more powerful than mediarecorder but requires more work

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Video recording and onPreviewFrame callback at the same time

I d like to use mediacodec to encode the data coming from the camera reason it s more low-level so hopefully faster than using mediarecorder

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Mime-type of Android camera PreviewFormat

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