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The median is the 'middle' value from a set of values


A range is an extent of values between its lower and upper bound



Let s say we want to find the median of the range starting at the second 2 inclusive and ending at the 1 exclusive . these are 7 elements thus the median has rank 4 fourth-smallest element in that range. now using a rank0 1 call in the root bitvector at the beginning and end of this range we find the corresponding range in the children of the root as you can see the left range which contains only smaller elements has only 3 elements thus the element with rank 4 must be contained in the right child of the root

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Finding the medians of multiple subarrays in an unsorted array

The block timestamp is within the valid range in bitcoin the timestamp cannot be greater than 2 hours from the current network time and cannot be earlier than the median time of the past 11 blocks

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What happens if a node successfully generates a new block but then goes offline or disconnected from the Blockchain?

O if you are calculating rolling median over a set of integers which vary from 1..65536 then you only need 128kb to store 128kb and can insert delete query using o ln n where n the size of the range 2 16 operations;this is a big win if the data range is much smaller than your rolling window

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Find median in a fixed-size moving window along a long sequence of data

You should also adjust your conditionals to check for a low high range as it should quickly get smaller as your median value approaches the real value

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Number guessing game

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