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Metaphone is a phonetic algorithm published in 1990 for indexing words by their English pronunciation.


Soundex is an phonetic algorithm for indexing names based on their pronunciation in spoken English.



General consensus including the php docs is that metaphone is much more accurate than soundex when dealing with the english language

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RegEx: Compare two strings to find Alliteration and Assonance

In php you should use metaphone it is more accurate than soundex

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How to find a similar word for a misspelled one in PHP?

Ike the ancient and honorable soundex double metaphone favors false positive matches rather than false negative;but double metaphone has better rates on both mostly due to double metaphone double-hash capability

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Fetching similar sounding names from a table

Then i tried the metaphone function and the metaphone function worked far better than soundex

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Need to write a php script that will display value near to user entered value

Edit double metaphone was specifically designed to be better than soundex and work in languages other than english

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How to determine if a record in every source, represents the same person

Double metaphone - this algo will give you a better match than soundex at the cost of speed it is really good for spelling correction though

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SQL Fuzzy Matching

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