Minimum value


A range is an extent of values between its lower and upper bound

First date console

Quality Example

"For ease of debugging i pass the value of to reactive values and print the first date range s value to the console rendered to check whether the it is smaller or bigger than the min and max of the corresponding date column as i did in the lapply function"

from question "How to validate date range input in Shiny"

"My solution to the range part feels clunky over complicated and doesn t check if the max range value is bigger than the min range value doesn t check if 10 2"

from question "How to represent range in mongoose schema?"

Maxpoint select values

Quality Example

"Range is 5000 to 50000 what i want to achive is in maxpoint select box i want to display the values which are greater than min points selected value"

from question "Enable Disable options in Select"

"Take a look at your picture - all the range you want have ending time greater than min and starting time less than max"

from question "SQL query: list of all IDs that were active during a given time interval, sorted by their start-time"

"If range is greater then or less then the min and max then it should throw error"

from question "What is best way to check if any of the property of object is null or empty?"

Lower higher

"I m working on slider that updates 2 text boxes with values the slider is in a limited range so it doesn t give values lower higher than min max"

from question "Value won't update using if statement unless edited/submitted manually"


"A variation on pentadecagon you are free to set n arbitrary values on the diagonal in some range min..max containing x and fill the rest of the array with lower than min on one side and higher than max on the other"

from question "Prove that there isn't an algorithm which able to solve the task in less than N comparisons"


"If you want to check that a number is between the min and max of the range you would likely want to check that it is both higher than the min and lower than the max"

from question "How can I calculate the number of grades that are entered by the user are in the range of 70-90?"


Quality Example

"If your range were sorted in some manner then you could look at the extreme ends if the end s min is greater than the targetmax then say look at the range 1 4 backwards from the end etc."

from question "How to check if a number is present in a group of ranges?"


"Any value in the disjointed range that is less than the value in d1 has 1e+99 added to it and that won t be the min of anything"

from question "Minimal value from set if expression"

"My query is given below so based on the date range first i have to sort down the records after that i have no idea how to find the difference between created_at and updated_at having status success and the time difference is less than 5 min 5 to 15 and so on"

from question "Laravel for generating time specific reports"

"If max and min are independent variables the extra subtraction for max-min will waste time but if that expression can be precomputed at compile time or if it can be computed once at run-time to test many numbers against the same range the above expression may be computed efficiently even in the case where the value is within range if a large fraction of values will be below the valid range it may be faster to use because it will exit early if value is less than min"

from question "How to elegantly check if a number is within a range?"


"But if i take it out of range for more than 1 min it gives an exception"

from question "Exception while reconnecting to a tag"

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